Risks in Mobile App Development!

Posted by app499 on October 24th, 2019

Many companies are working hard to develop mobile apps that are engaging and provide good usage for a user’s daily activities. Most mobile apps are used by customers to solve their day-to-day problems like workout plan apps, shopping apps, beauty apps, cooking apps and gaming apps to destress themselves. But you would be surprised to know that 78% of apps that are developed are discarded after their first usage. This is because it may not address user needs, have compatibility issues or fail to be innovative and/or copy another similar app. Mobile app development in Austin, Texas has become a huge business and companies are making huge money by developing the right mobile app but I will tell you which is the best company in the United States, specifically Texas to invest in. 

  Apps499 is a good brand to invest your dollars in because it has a team of technical experts and innovative employees who leave no stone unturned in creating a user friendly app keeping a customer’s taste in mind.

  Some risks are involved while developing any enterprise mobile app and I will tell you here in this blog what are the risks involved and how should you avoid it!

1.Not knowing exactly what the customer wants: The difference between what a user wants in his/her mobile app and what ‘exactly’ he wants in mobile app is a crucial one. Suppose you analyze the market and come up with an app that calculates the no. of steps of a user on a health app while what a user wants is how many calories he burns while eating a particular food, then the whole purpose of developing an app goes in vain. Knowing the right requirements clears your business process. Once you are sure of insights and data about a particular customer base then go on to plan a roadmap for how to develop the app.

2.Poor UI/UX: I have myself done and seen many of my friends do this. People just stop using an app if it does not provide a good user experience, if it does not have a smooth back and forth interface and if the app is too complicated to use. Ads popping up is another reason that people uninstall the app.

 While app developers focus a huge amount of their time and energy in developing apps that have good features and perform a lot of activities but they do not focus much on UI/UX development. A good way to solve this issue is to test the app from a user’s point of view and understand why a user would want to use that app.

3.Using Obsolete Technologies: If an app uses old technologies that are no more relevant in the current market, then it will lead to bad UI/UX development and obviously fade out from the market in less than a month. Staying updated about the latest technologies and using the same in the apps helps a lot in staying ahead in the competition. 

  The game development in Houston is a flourishing market and many companies face cut throat competition while doing so. Game development as it is mentioned above is not an easy task and involves lots of risks. But App499 is a wise choice of selecting the best company among the rest.

  App499 is also one of the best companies for iOS app development in Austin. It’s a whole package if you want to invest in this company for your gaming app or any form of mobile app. Developing native and hybrid gaming apps, app testing and coding audit, iOS support and maintenance, iOS migration and testing are all part of a good iOS app development company. Make sure you consider all the points mentioned in this blog if you want to avoid risks and grow your business exponentially.

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