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Posted by Tammanna on October 24th, 2019

Once a wise person said that as much a human body needs exercise to survive, a human mind to needs music to rejuvenate. In today’s world, music and movies go hand in hand as they both represent the popular culture or an era.

Often filmmakers use music in the background to represent different human emotions like sadness, joy, remorse etc. Many kinds of research have concluded that a human mind tends to memorize a graphic or a visual representation more than an articulated one. And in the modern era where we have a pinnacle of graphics and special effects, one would tend to prefer watching a movie than opera.

A good movie always offers good music as well with representation of a character or an intended scene as music acts as a catalyst to enhance a given emotion that the actors are trying to portray. Music in movies is so important that almost every post-production has a music supervisor who would produce music for the given instance.

Even the academy of Oscars accepts the importance of music in movies that’s why even though there are Grammy awards still there is a category for best music in the awards and few movies which have significantly won hearts and awards for their music are titanic, 8 miles, less miserable etc.

All the mentioned movies are a great representation of a combination of great theatrical direction and music.

In another culture, the Hindi movie industry thoroughly includes songs and music in a feature film and the whole flock of artists, singers and other musicians, flourish and caters to the subsidiary music industry replenishing in the sideways of the film industry.

Sometimes a song in a movie also represents a scenario which is later remembered by many generations as one must be familiar by the scene of Titanic where jack and rose standing at the deck of a ship has been idealized by people at various countries and has been mocked infinite times by couples.

Before 8 miles was released, music in films was restricted to musicals only and was largely included by Disney however the young and budding musician of the time “Eminem”, changed the concept and his the movie won academy award as well as accolades from fellow Rap artists.

The blessing we have in today’s time is the internet as the work of Hans Zimmer in Inception to A R Rehman in Slumdog, everything is available on the internet just with a click or a simple touch depending upon the device you prefer.

The easiest way would be to search your favourite artist’s work on youtube and paste the URL of the video on the given link below and to Convert the youtube video into mp3

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                                Paste that copied link into the website

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Viola’s that simple to keep your stress buster within your reach. Enjoy!!

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