What’s New In The Press Tool Turret Punch

Posted by jones willis on October 25th, 2019

Turret punching is a fast and affordable way to punch metals into shape, so manufacturers often look for this technique for their work. As turret punches have increasing demands in fabrication shops, it has undergone numerous changes in order to suit the demands and increase productivity, making it one of the versatile tools for fabrication shops. From its scratch in the 1950s, turret punches have changed a lot in their techniques. New advancements have made these machines more versatile and durable. Some of the advancement includes increase in the number of punches, manual loading and unloading with the help of manual processing and so on.

All these changes have made this punch tooling machine so cost-effective that manufacturers need not think about extra expense of creating multiple and job-specific punching tools. Advancement of technologies have also added up to new and better features, so if you are a manufacturer and want to know about the latest update about this machine here are few points which will definitely help you out:

  • Flexibility:

Most advances made in this machine are associated with hydraulic ram systems which allow the strokes to start and stop at any point along the ram path. Improvements in control systems have made it easier for turret punches to use wheel-style tooling to form metal sheets. Addition of intelligent ram systems has ensured automatic overload protection and central lubrication.

  • Software integration:

Advancement in various programming systems is determining the versatility of stamping tool machines in Australia. The ability to meet modern requirements the machine has upgraded in control and software so that it can allow even minute adjustment in tool positions, speed control and maintaining special functions that is needed for the tool to work efficiently. With optional features, the software can be made compatible according to the needs of the manufacturer.

  • New innovation in tooling techniques:

Fabrication shops are always looking out for better options to increase their productivity of their sheet metal operations. This is made easier with the introduction of CNC technology. This technology is basically turret in a turret which means that the turret can be equipped with multi tool allowing it to perform a broader range of punching activities. Wheel style tooling was created to rotate 360 degrees in order to produce more complex shapes of the metal sheets. Another example can be a scribe tool where a diamond- stylus punch is positioned by the ram while the sheet is moved under it to write company names and logos. The width and the size of the alphanumeric characters can be controlled so that other operations like sheet finishing and painting become much easier.

From ordinary to extraordinary:

Apart from improvements in turret punch tooling machines, the introduction of 3-D CAD software has made it possible for the tool designers to become more of an artist than a designer. For the manufacturers, the main challenge lies in building a connection with the tool designers which will let them know about the tooling capabilities and make them well equipped with the knowledge of what this tooling software can likely do. Several changes in the tooling techniques have made it easier for the fabricators to perform secondary functions. Therefore, it becomes important for the manufacturers, designers and fabricators to know about the tooling techniques and its latest innovation.

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