Cavoodle puppies- Why are these puppies so much popular and efficient?

Posted by Cavoodle Love on October 25th, 2019

The Cavoodle has become popular over these years as these as the ideal pets. These are classified as mutts as these are a mix between Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle. Being mutts they have a greater gene pool to pick for. While this does not mean they have immunity to diseases it means they will not be afflicted with the disorders which would affect a purebred dog. If you are searching for the Cavoodle puppies for sale Sydney then we are the choice to make.

More about the new age puppies-

Despite them being the most popular puppy the Cavoodle was the first bred in the USA. From the time the Cavoodle was conceived they have become the most popular dog as these are small, cute and are the perfect hypoallergenic dog. The characteristics that Cavoodle for sale in Sydney have also make them perfect for those people who usually suffer from allergies.

Why are they so much in demand?

The Cavoodle puppies Melbourne have the biggest selling point in the form of their coat. Their coat can be well maintained as it sheds very little or not at all. This is primarily because of the Poodle parentage as Poodles are known for being the low shed dogs. The amount that the Cavoodle sheds is dependent on the prominent gene. King Charles Spaniels tends to shed a little more than poodles and so it is necessary to keep a check on the coat type which the Cavoodle has. For a Cavoodle to be taken care of it is a great idea to keep them bathed and brushed as it minimizes dander and also keeps the coat silky and smooth.

One of the main reasons for the Cavoodle popularity is that they are intelligent and their intelligence can be greatly attributed to their Poodle parents. Poodles are believed to be the second most intelligent dog breed in the world. Cavoodles are trained very easily for varied tasks as they are constantly hunting for new challenges. The breed can learn many tricks that range from simple to complex tasks. However one needs patience as even this smart breed takes time for learning new things.

It is true that Cavoodles are the family dogs and will become very protective over their family. They bond strongly with the family unit which also makes them ideal for small family groups. These are also fantastic with small children as they aren’t large enough for hurting them during play. Cavoodles crave affection and validation and they are nice to train. If you are looking for registered Cavoodle breeders in NSW then we are the choice you must make. We deal with the best breed of dogs.

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