How social media became a core business strategy

Posted by Kevin Benjamin on October 25th, 2019

Running abusiness in any capacity is a monumental undertaking. There is something incredibly powerful but also undeniably challenging about having a project that demands constant energy, time, and learning capability to thrive. The one constant in this world is that it is always changing, and so anyone hoping to morph into a successful entrepreneur must be aware that change is inevitable, and they must be able to adapt with the times. If they are not willing to do so, they will not be successful in the long run – and is that not the whole point of owning and running a business? For it to be successful? Thankfully, no matter which industry your business ideally falls under, there are certain business strategies that work incredibly well across the board. These days, technology drives longevity and success in business, and one of the most efficient (and somewhat surprising, to some) strategies within technological advancement is social media.

Aptly named social media marketing, this is a business strategy that, in this digital age, has become a modern-day staple for businesses large and small, across practically all industries. Social media marketing was not necessarily an effort that was entirely or structurally planned, but it bloomed and flourished nonetheless. Today, businesses have a worldwide stage to market their product or service to, which in turn effectively creates a virtual environment where there is literally a market for everything. Whether the business in question promotes travel gear in Aspen, or office cleaning melbourne, or any other manner of business foundations, social media is now a concrete business strategy. It has not always been this way, but now that the digital age is in full swing, consumers’ attention has definitively swung in that direction…and modern businesses are taking full advantage of the fact.

It did not take long before it burst into global exposure, and social media effectively shifted from being a gorilla marketing movement, to becoming a key core marketing concept for businesses the world over. Here’s the thing…the online marketplace is global. As the world became more and more focused on digital advancement, consumers too shifted their focus, their priorities. It did not take long for businesses to realise that the marketing efforts that had always worked well in the past, suddenly were not as profound. It took some time to equalise, for them to realise exactly why that was, but when they did, the changes to their marketing approaches came efficiently and quickly. Consumers spent a lot of their time on social media. So, taking this information, businesses began to use social media as a gorilla marketing effort. These days, social media marketing is the height of modern business advertising and marketing success – and it is not slowing down any time soon.

There is a unique front in social media marketing that allows both businesses and consumers to feel heard, valued, trusted, and loved. Social media marketing requires consistent attention, but it also rewards businesses by providing them with an unfiltered, real-time connection to their consumers that runs 24/7. Our obsession with the digital has led us to this point. It has allowed us to step into this new era with hopeful intentions and wide eyes. As more and more time goes on, it is becoming absolutely clear that we live in the digital age. In a world that is slowly but surely becoming entirely immersed in digitalisation and technological absolution, it is comforting to know that our familiarity with the innovations puts us in a position of extreme advantage. Every facet of life has been changed in the wake of widespread digitalisation and technological advancement, and in the world of business, it is more prominent than ever. While social media is by no means the only digital marketing multitool these days, it is definitely one of the most profoundly utilised and remembered.

Modern businesses run very differently than businesses of times long passed. Today, businesses are focusing more and more on modern advertising and marketing efforts, one of which happens to be social media marketing. It might be a relatively short time since social media marketing first made its appearance in the global marketplace and in modern business’ arsenal, but now that it is here, it is here to stay, and only evolve every more. The fact is that modern consumers are more empowered than ever, and as such they have a stronger sway on which marketing efforts work, and which ones ultimately do not. More and more often, digital marketing efforts like social media marketing are being more effective than traditional efforts, and for that reason social media marketing itself as surged in global popularity, across various industries, and in differently sized businesses. Social media marketing and its rise are far from over; in fact, it is just beginning to find its feet. There are exciting times ahead.

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