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Posted by FreshTone on October 25th, 2019

When you heard the term ‘contact lens’, what comes into your mind? Perhaps there are thousands if not millions of words you try to associate with it as soon as you heard the word. There may be good remarks about it, and there may also be bad critics about it but for a moment why don't we try to disregard all these so-called effects and bad rumors about contact lens and try to look to look at it as a whole brand new perspective? The improvements it contributes to the lives of people which routinely uses it and desperately look for it when it was yet to exist? How about their perspective? Their say about it? Their mindset about it? What do you think would be the reason why they use contact lens and continue using it despite the numerous bad talks circulating about it.

Due to the troubles it keeps on causing my heart and mind, I choose to surrender to the curiosity about the reason why there are people- groups of people or market segment, whatever you call these people that patronize the product? To choose contact lens? To remain steadfast in their conviction that it is all good, I can't put myself to resign my thoughts on it. After all, it's not making me sleep, so why not succumb to it? Aren't you're curious as well?

One of my close acquaintance is a contact lens user. He wears contact lenses at any possible time. Long before, he wears glasses but as soon as he came to know about contact lenses he wasted no time to try it and figure it out. To his luck, he came to like it and stayed using it for a long span of time. When he was wearing his glasses before, I said he does look good even with his glasses on but seeing him without his glasses now really change his aura and style. According to him, it gives him more confidence. It makes him feel more stylish than when he was still on his older self where he can't experiment new fashion and style to try for the fear that it may not suit him. After wearing lenses, he came to know and explain himself more and it boosted his self-confidence. Honestly speaking, I am happy to see such positive impact of it to him. Also, as a theater actor, it helps him get more project roles than ever before. Well, the production crew people are not against him wearing his glasses but truthfully, it limits him to play some character if not due to his poor vision. As an actor, there are instances wherein he needs to do some physical makeover to really suit to the role and portray the character effectively. And with the help of contact lens, he found himself out of his comfort zone.

Another friend of mine is a total socialite. She loves fashion in every form of it. She breathes it in and never let goes out of new trend and style. She's a total fashion maniac, that's what I call her. She's adventurous and loves to try new things- makeup, dresses, shoes, accessories and even contact lenses! She changes her contact lenses as if she was just changing her clothes.

When asked, her simple response is, "I love them and I don't care!" For her, life is supposed to live to its fullest. Waste no time to try new things, explore them, love them and hate them. The same goes with her contact lenses of which I saw once in different shades. According to her, she wanted to look beautiful that is why she never fails to doll herself up. She dresses prettily too and tries to do and seek things that could improve her appearance. That is why when she heard about contact lenses she grabbed the opportunity to make the window of her soul look more interesting if not mysterious and intimidating, which of course depends on her mood. She loves contact lens because it was able to level up her look. Often times I see herself in completely new view. Actually, this is ridiculous when there was a time that I seriously didn't recognize her even when I was looking face to face to her.

No matter what the reason of your friends, family members or acquaintance who wears contact lenses try to understand them and help them choose what's fit for them. For as long as they are happy using it and it would not harm their sight, who are we to hinder and deprive that pleasure?

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