Top 5 benefits of taking up SEO as a business strategy

Posted by monicageller on October 25th, 2019

Businesses or companies who want their website to rank or get traffic to their website should plan for SEO strategies. We can find an SEO company to get these strategies on board and implement them for better results. To achieve the goal of brand awareness and brand equity, there are many options available in the market and one such option is SEO. It is not just an option, but it has all the power to improve the ranking on the search when it is done right.

1. Better user experience: SEO maximizes the user experience which includes providing relevant information, easy navigation website, perfectly made images and videos, etc. All these will result in more clicks and better sales, giving more conversions to the business which ultimately leads to higher search ranking.

2. Primary source for leads: With the right SEO practice, every business can get higher returns and more leads to their business. With the right content in place and when the website gives knowledge and information to the users then they are more chances to get leads to the business. The content could not only be in writing but also it can be video content. Video content will make the users attract easily, so target on getting more leads by focusing more on video and attractive images.

3. Closing of deals is higher: When your website ranks higher, it is the best chance to get a lead from the search engine. They are users who have a certain product or service already in mind and when they type the keyword, if your website turns up on the top of the SERP, then users are likely to click on the top website rather than going down and clicking on a website that is ranked somewhere in the 5th or 6th position. So, website on top can close more deals and convert the users more.

4. Better cost management: Once your website is on top after so much of struggle and work did, then you don’t have to spend money on PPC nor other advertising forms. The top-ranking will not go down unless the users do not click on the website or when they think the website does not have enough information related to the keyword typed in the SERP. With other lead generation activities, there is some cost involved, they include, SMM, PPC, etc., and outbound lead generation includes huge costs compared to inbound marketing.

5. Visiting the physical store: When the users search for a restaurant near to them and look at the reviews of the top brand that comes up on the SERP, then they are 90% chances for the user to visit the restaurant and have food there. So, there are other sector businesses, where the physical presence of the customers is important for them to convert into leads. Just like the restaurant it also implies movies, nearby stores, jewelry, buying clothes, etc.

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