Languages Of The World: Turkish Language Facts

Posted by iGaming Buzz on October 25th, 2019

With the economic development of Turkey and the increasing importance of this country in the world arena, the popularity of the Turkish language also increases. And although it is not among the ten most common, it can already be attributed to the most popular. Today we will talk about amazing facts about the Turkish language.

Language Popularity

According to various estimates, about 73-77 million people around the world speak Turkish. Of these, about 60 million live in Turkey. A lot of Turks live in the USA, Canada, Australia and countries of Western and Eastern Europe. Especially a lot of them in Germany - more than 2 million people.

Most Popular Word

The most common word in the language is güzel. The universal word! It means good, tasty and beautiful. And the girl is a güzel, and the weather is a güzel, and the baklava is a güzel, and everything is generally a güzel. Can you imagine which güzel country is it!

Is it Easy Language?

Words are read as they are written, without additional phonetic transcription. But some letters require attention when used in terms of pronunciation or arrangement in a word. Each letter, as a rule, corresponds to a specific sound. It makes reading easier.

Correct language

The correct Turkish language began to form in the 15th century on the Anatolian Peninsula, according to scientists. Then words and phrases from the Arabic language and Persian appeared in it, by the 19th century it had 80% of foreign borrowings.


After the founding of the Republic of Turkey in 1923, its founder and first president, Kemal Atatürk, began reforming the Turkish language. Her main task was to replace foreign borrowings with original Turkish words.

He or She?

In Turkish, there is no separation between “he” and “she”. To understand that we are talking about a man or woman is possible only on the basis of a name or polite addresses such as “miss” and “sir”.

How to Drink a Cigarette?

In Turkish, there is an unusual expression "drink a cigarette." The verb “içmek” means both “drinking” and “smoking” at the same time because the Turks do not have a separate word for smoking, so “let's go drink” will be a mystery to you - will you get a glass of water or a hookah?

Turkish Language and Gambling

This language is becoming quite popular, so much so that now there is a selection of Turkish language casino sites like this one that offers various games to their players. When playing live games, for example, they will communicate with you in their native Turkish language.

Forbidden Symbols

Symbols Q, W and X were excluded by the Turks, and also prohibited by the Turkish authorities. People with these letters in first and last names may even be unable to obtain a passport.

To Make it Easier

The number of vowels in the Turkish language is 8, and the consonants are 21. The Turks abandoned the difficult Arabic spelling, where consonants predominate. After all, vowels are most important for the Turkish language.

Prohibited Names

In Turkey, there are names forbidden by religion, for example, Haffav, Dasim, Aguar, Valha. This is justified by the fact that in Turkish mythology they called evil spirits and demons. But Turks also do not call their children the names of angels and saints.

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