Why Feather Flags Are The Best Choice For Outdoor Advertising

Posted by Best Trade Show on October 25th, 2019

Advertising plays a great role in promoting brands and products. Some of the businesses may go for an indoor promotion or one-to-one sharing with target customers. On the contrary, most people use outdoor platforms to showcase their traits. Such practices will help businesses to share their information with a wide audience who are looking for the product you are selling. Using outdoor advertising flags is the best choice to tell people what you are offering. These flags are very popular in storefronts and tradeshow events where people can physically see the information about your brand on the piece of colorful material.

Common types of outdoor advertising methods

Every day when you go out of your house, you see signs and boards saying something with words and graphic designs. These set-ups or arrangements are known as out-of-home (OOH) advertising. They are meant for advertising specific projects outside their homes. Such techniques come in various designs to serve different purposes. Some of the most common types of OOH advertising are:

  • Billboard advertising
  • Point of sale displays
  • Transit advertising
  • Guerrilla advertising
  • Outdoor advertising flags

When investing in advertising, use the most appropriate method to share your trait with the potential target market.

Why outdoor advertising flags?

Feather flags are a great source of sending messages to potential targets. These flags can be used in any location that may be hosting events such as concerts, trade shows, festive occasions, product launching, opening ceremonies, company anniversaries, community events, and parade shows. These flattering flags are also feasible for any indoor event.

If you are selling a type of pen, it is important to tell all possible customers about your product. If you have a business website to showcase a range of items, people who use the internet will find your store. What about all the uncountable number of buyers who are interested in such products? If you want to let people know where they should be looking for the right product, install outdoor advertising flags at the right location.

Benefits of using feather flags

Whether you are selling a product or promoting an awareness campaign, you will need an effective yet decent display to attract the onlookers. When you do so, use outdoor advertising flags to persuade people to get interested in your trait of business you are dealing with. The key benefits of using these flags include:

Easy to assemble

You don’t need heavy tools and equipment to assemble a feather flag. These banners are sold with props and accessories that are required for installation. Unlike an ordinary flag, outdoor advertising flags are also applicable for hard surfaces where you don’t want to drill to install the pole.


Feather flags are made of light materials, and they are easy to carry without much leverage. Whenever you need the flags, carry them in their well-fitted cases or carrying bags come with the product. Whether you are hosting a pool party in a plaza or showcasing a product in a tradeshow event, take the custom feather flags to say hello to the visitors.

Withstand all weather conditions

Generally, feather flags are made of strong materials like polyester that is weather-resistant and extremely durable. The poles are made from lightweight metals such as aluminum and fiberglass. High-quality outdoor advertising flags are designed to rotate with the wind. This allows the flags to prevent themselves from tipping over or tangling in the high current wind.

If you are looking for a good merchandising, get custom outdoor advertising flags from top distributors. Such companies provide high-visibility products that are an excellent option for increasing your ROI without much financial investment.

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