they dont have actual people go to RuneScape gold

Posted by Rskingdom on October 26th, 2019

The reason Bots aren't getting prohibited at any decent level is they rely upon the algorythms which is automated. Because they think and work with this particular system (Hours and money) they dont have actual people go to RuneScape gold such amounts and check these bots. Occasionaly they do and are undermanned. When they commit to the algo applications it is easily defeated. A human is almost impossible to defeat if it implimented correctly. If I had been Jagex and wanted to take this seriously (They dont) I would do the algorythms and people. I could pay someone (a kid) to remove these bots at 1000's per week.

. .period!!! Ask any dev. They kind of tie in knots believing in applications together with a lot of money rather than boots on the floor (Humans). Gotta love technology and that is why they won't ever replace people on several levels.

Check out brutal black dragons I had been camping there on my alt and every once in awhile could run in to a bot with insane range xp, ive seen 1 thats close to buy RS gold rank 100 over 100m xp, its rarer bot to find as you need 77 slayer but it makes crazy money for a bot super repetitive, together with DHcbow they could make 800k gain an hour after supplies as thats what I make and they had greater range and emptiness. This leaves me said Pugger your quickly becoming my preferred YTer with these videos dont stop love how you dont say jagex is crap you just point it out.

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