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General Knowledge of Pu-erh

Posted by naturalpuerh on October 25th, 2019

There are three characteristics of Yunnan organic tea: mellow and exquisite taste, obviously sweet aftertaste, and various types of aroma, thanks to the elaborately processing way of organic fresh leaves, which is a combination of traditional manual methods with modern technology and machines.

1. Why are the tastes of some cooked teas as mellow as millet soup?

Some of the big brands in Pu-erh tea are mostly made from Taiwanese tea to make cooked tea. It was only around 2015 that the old-fashioned tea was fermented to make cooked tea.

The cooked tea fermented with ancient tree tea, its thickness and alcohol slipperiness, is incomparable to ordinary Taiwanese tea. Especially the ancient tree cooked tea fermented with spring tea, the new tea drink may feel bitter. The old tea drinker is full of mouthfuls. Just like a coffee without sugar and no partner, the more delicious is the product!

2. What are the five criteria for good cooked tea?

Good cooked tea is: fragrant, sweet, mellow, thick and slippery.

The higher the level of material selection, the better the mellowness, aroma and fullness of cooked tea; and the longer the year, the better the taste of the aged transformation.

Among the five indicators, the most important indicator is “alcohol”, which means that you should be clean and not smelly.

3. What is the difference between dry and wet warehouse?Wet warehouse Pu-erh, usually smells like a pungent smell, like the smell of a spider's net in an old house, which makes people very uncomfortable. The old cooked tea in the dry warehouse, its aroma is like the grain of the granary, it is a very natural and very comfortable taste!After the wet tea entrance, you will feel the thorns pulling, and you will not feel very comfortable when you drink it into your stomach. The Pu-erh tea stored in the pure dry warehouse is soft and smooth, and the stomach feels very comfortable!4. Why can't Pu-erh raw tea be brewed with boiling water? Pu-erh raw tea must be brewed with water of about 90 degrees, and it must not be brewed with boiling water. why?Because the raw tea is relatively tender, the tea temperature is over 95 ° C, the bitter taste of this tea will be very prominent, and some will even become a vegetable tea! The bitter taste is outstanding, and the original beauty of raw tea is completely destroyed.Some people have questioned that it is soaked in boiling water in Yunnan. In fact, Yunnan is located in the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau with high altitude and low boiling point. The boiling point is about 90 degrees Celsius, no more than 95 degrees. The north has a relatively low altitude and a high boiling point, so it is easy to soak the raw tea with boiling water of 100 °C.

5. Why did Pu-erh tea have no production date before 2005?Beginning in 2005, China began to ask Pu-erh tea manufacturers to make production dates on product packaging. Until April 10, 2007, after the "Technical Regulations for the Processing of Pu-erh Tea" was being introduced, all manufacturers were required to make a date.Therefore, some Pu-erh teas dated before 2005 are mostly the behavior of the manufacturers themselves (the state has not made norms in this regard).

6. Is the internal paper in Pu-erh tea important?Internal flying refers to the printed paper pressed in Pu-erh tea. Because it is pressed in the tea, it can be exchanged like a big ticket, so it has the effect of identifying the authenticity.The internal flight is generally printed with its brand name. The country has long been required by law to press on the fly, so if you find that Pu-erh tea does not fly inside, you should be cautious when buying!

7. What are the fragrance types of Pu-erh tea?

Freshly cooked tea will have a bit of earthy smell; after three years of storage, there will be musk, musk, lotus, pine nuts, etc; for five or six years of cooked tea, Taiwanese tea will have aromas such as lotus and musk. The ancient tree tea will have aromas such as almond fragrant, pine nut, creamy, and eucalyptus.

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