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Posted by lara linda on October 27th, 2019

The assortment of the company has a lot of budget models in the range from 14 to 20 thousand rubles, and also a wide range of mid-range products - from 20 to 40 thousand rubles. It is interesting Some time ago, the saw ceased to be exclusively an instrument of labor, becoming a tool of art - chainsaw carving, or "woodcarving with a chainsaw," is gaining popularity in the West. Using this technique, craftsmen create real masterpieces - wooden sculptures and garden figures. In the near future, this hobby promises to become famous in our country too: small clubs are already appearing in Russia dedicated to a new kind of creativity. Kioritz corporation Unlike previous European companies, Kioritz Corporation is an Asian, or rather, a Japanese corporation. The company sells products under three brands: KIORITZ, Shindaiwa and Echo - these are the last two brands that belong to chainsaws. However, Shindaiwa left the Russian market, and currently only Echo is shipped to Russia. Echo products relate mainly to the household and farmer class, their prices range from 15 to 65 thousand rubles. In general, the company's products are somewhat inferior to the models of the recognized leaders of Stihl and Husqvarna, but have their regular fans: the reason for this is a large number of lightweight, compact saws and good workmanship. Dolmar A German company that has been producing chainsaws for many decades, in 1991 joined the largest Japanese concern Makita, known to almost every amateur or professional as a manufacturer of power tools.Best Moter saw  After the acquisition of the German plant, Makita joined the production of chainsaws and now produces them immediately under two brands - Dolmar and Makita. Cub Cadet saws are also manufactured at this plant by order of MTD. The Russian market mainly presents products of the second brand, but tools are being created at the same factory in Germany. But this applies to products of the middle and professional class, costing from 25 thousand rubles. Domestic chainsaws worth about 7.5 thousand rubles are produced in China. This does not negatively affect the quality of products, but still the percentage of positive reviews about Makita in the field of "home" use is lower than, for example, about Stihl. Champion A very young company, existing for a little over ten years, offers products of Chinese factories - various gasoline powered tools, in particular chainsaws. Of course, it is difficult to compare Champion with such "monsters" as Husqvarna or Stihl, but it has a definite advantage - price: for 5-8 thousand rubles you can buy an inexpensive saw for a summer house and a garden. In total, there are about a dozen chainsaws in the assortment, and almost all have a price of less than 20 thousand rubles. Of course, one cannot speak of either a professional or even a farmer class. The products of this company received diametrically opposed user reviews. The reason for this is the heterogeneous, Best miter saw reviews as with most inexpensive Chinese-made chainsaws, product quality. In some cases, the cause of the negative is the high expectations of customers. Nevertheless, according to the totality of indicators, as a tool for rare use in a summer house, Champion saws can be a good solution. Patriot An American company, founded more than forty years ago, from a small workshop turned into a large international corporation. Chainsaws are only a tiny part of its products - the company produces a gigantic range of products for repair, home and garden. Production from the United States moved to China: like many holdings, Patriot is trying to reduce the cost of its products. Like Champion, in the production of chainsaws, Patriot relied on the economic segment: product prices start at 4-7 thousand 

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