Which kind of pu-erh tea need to wake up?

Posted by naturalpuerh on October 28th, 2019

Natural Puerh Bulang highmountain tea garden co.,ltd. located in the southwestern of Yunnan province:  Pu-erh city, which is commended as “Tea- city of China”,” The origin of the tea world” and ”The capital of pu’er”. This is such a place where the Dai people populated in with quite rich tea culture. The average elevation of it is about 1300 meters and Asian Corridor in Heaven had crosses the whole land of it.

The word "waking up tea" was borrowed from the hangover. It used to be called tea washing. It is not very nice, let alone tea is so dirty? Need to wash like this!

Why wake up to tea? what is the benefit?

Awakening tea will break the original stable state of the tea and allow the tea to oxidize rapidly in a short period of time - making the brewed tea soup taste more harmonious and the aroma more comfortable. It can be said that the better the waking up, the better the tea soup brewed out will be in a better state.

For example, Pu-erh new tea, especially raw tea within one year, has a relatively rough taste, a bitter taste, and is too irritating to the mouth; and cooked tea is also prone to piles. After waking up the tea, it can accelerate the fusion of the contents of the tea, increase the coordination of the tea soup, and also minimize the pile odor in the tea, thereby significantly improving the palatability of the tea soup.

For example, Pu-erh old tea, especially the old tea of ​​more than ten years, is stored in a low-oxygen, dry, dull environment, and the contents are in a low active state. At this time, the tea soup is flat, not smooth, and aroma. Chen boring, a little scattered, I feel that there is nothing to drink. However, if the tea is awake after a period of time, all the contents will become active again, the consistency and alcohol content of the tea will be significantly improved, and the odor will be greatly reduced.

However, for Pu-erh loose tea and Pu-erh tea, which can be taken at any time in an open environment, there is no need to deliberately wake up it.What tea needs to wake up?Some tea friends found that some teas don't need to be awake, some teas must wake up, and some teas will wake up a few times. How do you judge and choose?In fact, you don’t have to memorize so much tea, you only need one stroke:Take a cup of tea, you can try not to wake up once, brew it once with the method of waking up tea, compare the taste, if the effect of waking up the tea is good, it means that the tea should wake up, and vice versa.Therefore, there is no secret in waking up tea. If you are not sure if you want to wake up, try it.

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