4 Fun and creative ideas for children

Posted by Dean Jones on October 28th, 2019

drawing, crafts and other hands-on activities are a good way to bond your children.

Once your kids start pre-school, you want to provide a stimulating environment at home to introduce them to stimuli that will excite and teach them. 

Ensuring that their minds are busy at the most critical stage of development is important, but so varies their activities.

Drawing and coloring are two great ways to encourage kids to be creative, but there are other ways to create things.

Here are four unique craft ideas for your kids. It will be a good bonding experience for you and your son.

T-shirt printing

T-shirt painting is always fun, so why not try it on another canvas? T-shirt printing is easy; all you need is an old t-shirt and some fabric paint. You can use crayons or markers.

Paintbrushes are available, or use your feet.

There are a range of fun ways to do t-shirt printing:

painting–use a paintbrush (or hands) to draw shapes and patterns on your t-shirt stamps–you could create your own sponge or cardboard cut-out stamps.

Stencils–Let your child pick a stencil model they want, place the stencil over the t-shirt, and paint over it. A good, clean image will result.

With t shirt printing, it's usually best to work out, because things can get messy.

Make A Costume Together

Whether it's for the upcoming school play, a fancy dress or just for fun, making a costume together is a good way to bond with your son. Get some internet ideas or tell your child what they'd dress up like. You can use materials found at home and, like t-shirt printing, your child can paint on the costume.

Make a nature collage

Leaves, grass, and sticks can make impressive artworks. Creating things from different materials is very exciting for children. Next time you're both at the park, let your child pick up stuff they find interesting; including small flowers, leaves and twigs. When collecting, they can collage with their materials by gluing them on some paper or cardboard. Unlike t-shirt printing, it can get messy too, so it's safer to do it outside.

Create your own jewelry

Making a bracelet or necklace is very simple, and you can make virtually anything. All you'll need is a string or thin cord piece and some threadable beads. Let them loop the beads through the string and, once finished, help them tie it. If you have no charms, replace old buttons, candy or seashells.

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