WoW Classic Guide: Troll Intruduction

Posted by meilleursDofuskamas on October 28th, 2019

The evil jungle trolls on the islands of the South China Sea have long been known for their cruel and dark mysterious religions. They are barbaric and superstitious, and have a special hatred for all other races. However, one of the trolls had to give up their prejudice when they met the orc chief, Thrall and his powerful tribe. This troll tribe, called the Dark Spear, was driven out of the Stranglethorn Valley, which was inhabited for generations, and was almost destroyed by a group of aquatic fishermen. Thrall and his tribe saved them. In order to express their reciprocation, these trolls swore to loyalty to the tribe forever.

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Trolls can choose from hunters, wizards, pastors, rogues, shamans, and warriors. They are also the races in the tribal factions that can choose the most variety of classes, but not every class can maximize the troll's talent. In WoW Classic, the troll has four race traits: the Beast Killer - this is a passive ability that causes the troll to deal 5% additional damage to the beast type of enemies; regeneration - increases the troll's life regeneration by 10%, This passive ability can still play a role in the battle; bow specialization - when using a bow weapon, the weapon skill level is increased by 5; the last one is the skill that needs to be actively activated - violent, after activation to improve their attack speed and casting speed, Activate this ability when the health is full, the acceleration effect is 10%, the lower the health, the better the effect, up to 30%.

Rage is one of the few very powerful active skills in WoW Classic that makes trolls have a higher damage advantage than other races. The combination of bow specialization and violent makes the troll very suitable for the hunter class. As the only race with bow specialization in all races, they can maximize the hunter's damage ability and cause a lot of long-range physical damage in a short time. Note that the troll does not have the ability to defend, you need to pay attention to ensure your own safety.

Troll priests are also a very good choice. In fact, trolls are the most intelligent races in tribal factions, which makes them ideal for Master classes. Troll priests get two specific racials, including Hex of Weakness, which a debuff which reduces damage done by enemies (a very useful spell), and Shadowguard, a self-buff that causes damage when the priest takes damage.

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