Med School Personal Statement: Things You Didn't Know About the Editing Process

Posted by Sienna Hale on October 28th, 2019

Accept our sincere congratulations on your mature and brave decision to become a doctor. This speciality takes years of training and practising, extreme focus on the learning process and exceptional personal qualities like empathy, patience and kindness. The application process is becoming more and more ruthless. There is no enigma in why it is so: the doctors' job will always be highly respected and well-paid. Even in our fast-paced world, where the majority of work can be automatized, a medical professional can never be replaced by a robot.

Thus, you must be a real one-of-a-kind applicant in order to get into the med-school of your dreams. Your personality and qualities should be fully exposed while you are applying to the medical school. The application package consists of many documents and test scores, but the most crucial element is your personal statement. The medical school essay is a real piece of work: in approximately 300 words, you have to convince the admission staff that you are worth the enrollment.

Generally speaking, the process of creating an essay can be divided into three parts: composing a plan, writing an essay and editing your text. There are two ways of editing your personal statement: proofreading on your own and using the help of a medical school personal statement editing service. So, let’s dive into the complicated, challenging and sometimes awfully boring world of editing. We will equip you with a set of tricks, that will help you to survive during the essay proofreading process.

  1. Sleep on it. It is the most basic trick you could think of. Nevertheless, students often skip it due to the fact they have a couple of hours for editing. That is why we strongly recommend leaving at least two weeks for editing. Re-read your essay once in every couple of days and with a fresh head, you will notice every typo. As a result, you will have a perfectly written essay. 
  1. Read your essay out loud. If you remember to do it in front of your family or friends, there is no problem with that. One listener (you) is absolutely enough. This tip will help you to see what parts of your essay are not coherent, what sections should be formulated more clearly. Do not hesitate to remove some parts from your essay, even rewrite some paragraphs. Your final essay may be absolutely different from your first draft. This is a good indicator that you edited your essay diligently and responsibly.
  1. Check if you didn’t miss anything. While focusing on grammar and word pronunciation, you might forget to pay attention to the initial meaning of your essay. It is very important to include your motivations, career perspectives, personal skills and achievements, and a personal life story. If your essay is creatively written, the admission committee will be touched by your story. But in case the admission staff can’t find the answers to the questions they’ve asked you, even the greatest essay will be rejected. We advise to make a list of topics, for instance: «My recent work experience», «What field am I interested in? » and etc. After that, re-read your essay and decide, whether you can easily find concrete answers to these questions.
  1. If editing medical school essay and horror movie classic «The Ring» are equally scary for you, don’t torture yourself and use the help of professional writers from editing services. First, they are certified editors with years of experience and deep knowledge in what the admission committee wants. Second, they possess a variety of useful professional tools that will help them to turn your essay into a masterpiece.

We wish you good luck with your editing!

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