Suffer a great deal of harm Maple story M Mesos because

Posted by MaplestoryMCN on October 29th, 2019

Suffer a great deal of harm Maple story M Mesos because you have to chase after the bosses or monsters rather than kiting around them like some additional courses. This course is pretty much a failed class. This class is not recommended by me.Priest: mid selection, a very supportive course, difficulty level: low This class is the only truerecovery class to

your allies in this MapleStory 2 game though soul binder does possess any recovery abilities, they seldom use it. The priest course does not own a great deal of damage dealing abilities, and even the damage dealing skills are fairly low in damage. But they compensate for this absence of damage with a great deal of special buffs that truly

makes your allies super strong and secure. The priest's main important ability is theHeal skill, which heals allies, andAngel Ray for some harm. This course is not meant for anyone, and should you wish you had more harm, then do not ever play with the Priest class.Rune Blader can switch back and forth mid and long selection, and

every one of these skills allows you to Maple M Mesos have a flashy combo for visual. They had been heavily nerfed in the past, therefore the MapleStory 2 participant amount of this class is extremely low.Wizard: extended range, very easy to control and has ally buffs, difficulty level: mid tier They are very easy to play and control, much simpler

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