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Posted by Anand on October 29th, 2019

When you are in the Science stream, you have to work extra hard if you want to get good marks in your board exams. If you start studying every day from the beginning, you will definitely succeed. But studying every day will require at least 4-5 hours and that will not even be effective for studying because you will also have to attend school every day and you will be too tired to study efficiently. When it comes to studying a subject like NCERT Biology for Class 12, where you have to read carefully and understand every minor detail and memorize the names of so many things, it is even more difficult. Therefore, to aid you in your journey to get good grades in board exams without spending too much time studying every day, here is Extramarks. You are only required to study for one hour with Extramarks and in that one hour, you will learn even more than you do while spending five hours, hence using time judiciously. You can use the saved up time for other productive purposes like revision, etc. The techniques that Extramarks uses to teach have become popular for effective learning in less time than regular learning, comparatively. These techniques are, Online Video Tutorials, Charts, PowerPoint Presentations, Illustrated as well as Animated Explanations, etc. You can choose how you want to study. Also, it has lots of other relevant study material, like notes on every topic, detailed as well as brief explanations, summaries of every chapter that are perfect for revision, etc. You don't even have to get your syllabus booklets to see what you have to study, Extramraks already has it. Besides, you can access Extramarks at any time of the day or night. Sample question papers are also available on Extramarks, which cover every topic from the syllabus. Also, you can find previous ten-years of question papers for any subject. The previous year's question papers are an excellent way to practice giving your board exams. It will make you understand the structure of the question papers as well as time management. So study NCERT Biology Class 12 on Extramarks. It is truly an ideal choice for every student. It will definitely help you reach your goal of getting good marks in your exams. So, to study smartly and efficiently, register to Extramarks quickly. You can also visit it online if you wish to know more about it.

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