The game grows with the players

Posted by Ambroise Pierre on October 29th, 2019

The game grows with the players

 WOW Classic Gold

The strong return of World of Warcraft classics has brought players the feeling of playing games in 2004. Unlike the retail version, World of Warcraft classics reproduce the classic gameplay of more than a decade ago. And in the picture is consistent with the original picture quality, the huge age gap feeling may make many new players do not adapt, but it is this ancient game screen that makes the old players return to the classic game and bring them a kind Long-lost feeling.

Numerous players flocked to Blizzard's game server to play the most primitive games, which led to thousands of players lining up a long queue to enter the game and led to a retail version of the game like an empty town. (Because the players have gone to the classic version to play the game).

They found that, just like queuing, this is a near real World of Warcraft publishing experience. This is not just an entertainment, not a real thing. The game engine drives the game based on the modern version, not the original version of 2004. Fixed with vanilla graphics and gaming system at the top. Both look and play like the release version of this game, but it should work better. And the players' enthusiasm for WOW Classic Gold really surprised me.

When the game was released in 2004, players would actively avoid looting any player they killed. As the game struggled to keep up with the pace of its players, they had to spend a lot of time sliding in the plundering position. The most backward games in classic games are more or less playable, and they don't affect the user's gaming experience, even if there are thousands of players in this area. There may be a delay before the item is transferred to your bag, or sometimes the task will be unclear, although the details are not perfect, but basically do not affect the game experience.

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