Methane Sulfonyl Chloride Market to Make Great Impact In Near Future by 2028

Posted by ankush Nikam on October 29th, 2019

Methane sulfonyl chloride is an organo-sulphur compound. It is a colourless liquid that is soluble in polar solvents. However, it is insoluble and reactive with water, amines, ammonia and alcohols. Methyl sufonyl chloride is a versatile chemical and it is used in various substitution reactions. It is an acid chloride in nature. It undergoes various chemical reactions to replace hydroxyl, active hydrogen and amino groups, which makes it valuable in the chemical industry. Methane sulfonyl chloride is considered as a building block of the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industry. It is toxic, corrosive (non-corrosive in the presence of glass) and is sensitive towards moisture. It is also flammable in nature. Methane sulfonyl chloride is used as a base product for the production of methanesulfonate.  Due to the highly reactive nature of methane sulfonyl chloride, it is a precursor to various chemicals such as methanesulfonamides.

However, as it is toxic and hazardous in nature, its usage is governed by regulations. Methyl sulfonyl chloride must be stored in an area that has proper ventilation along with low temperature & minimum humidity. Methane sulfonyl chloride can also be used as a catalyst, chlorinating agent and firming agent.

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Methane Sulfonyl Chloride Market: Dynamics

As methane sulfonyl chloride is a building block in agrochemicals and the pharmaceutical industry, its growth is directly affected by the growth of these industries. Due to an increase in population, agrochemical and pharmaceutical industries are growing at a lucrative rate, which is boosting the market of methane sulfonyl chloride. It is widely used in the chemical industry as it is a precursor of various chemical compounds. The growth of chemical industries is expected to boost the methane sulfonyl chloride market. Methane sulfonyl chloride also finds applications in paints, plastics, dyes and the food industry. As all these industries are growing steadily, there is also steady growth in the demand for methane sulfonyl chloride from these industries.

However, as methane sulfonyl chloride is toxic, corrosive and flammable in nature, it needs to be handled carefully to avoid potential hazards. Hence, various regulations have been imposed on by organizations such as Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). This has resulted in research initiatives to find an alternative for methane sulfonyl chloride, which is likely to restrain the methane sulfonyl chloride market.

Methane Sulfonyl Chloride Market: Segmentation

The global methane sulfonyl chloride market can be segmented on the basis of its application in various industries as follows:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Agrochemicals
  • Paints and Dyes
  • Plastic and Polymer
  • Chemicals and Food

The global methane sulfonyl chloride market can be segmented on the basis of various applications as follows:

  • Production of chemical intermediates
  • Production of plastic moulding
  • Production epoxy resins
  • Production of dyes

The global methane sulfonyl chloride market can be segmented on the basis of its usage as a raw material in the production of the following:

  • Methylsulfonates
  • Methylsulfonamides
  • Methane sulfonic acid

Methane Sulfonyl Chloride Market: Regional Outlook

Agrochemical industries have registered significant growth in regions such as MEA, Southeast Asia, China, India and Latin America. Therefore, these are important markets for methane sulfonyl chloride as it is a building block for agrochemicals. The pharmaceutical industry in China, India, Southeast Asia and MEA is growing, which is expected to boost the market for methane sulfonyl chloride in these regions. As methane sulfonyl chloride is a key component in the production of various chemical intermediates, it has important applications in chemical industries. Regions, such as China, North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, are large markets for chemicals, owing to which they are prominent markets for methane sulfonyl chloride.    

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