Things to Look into Before Painting Your House

Posted by Mary Spark on October 29th, 2019

Painting a wall seems like such an easy task, I mean how hard can it be to dip a roller in a bucket of paint and start rolling all over your walls. “What could go wrong right?” well… yes, and no. Most people learn this the hard way. Painting is an easy task, but only if done correctly. One small mistake before or during painting can ruin everything. The good news is, we’ve compiled a few tips and tricks that will make your job quicker, easier, and if followed, might result in far less paint in your hair.

Know What You’re Getting Yourself Into

As mentioned earlier, painting is not easy as it seems, so before you jump down this rabbit hole, make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. Do your research, know that it is quite a time consuming and tiresome. And if you think it’s not something that you want to get yourself into. Hire a professional there are plenty of House painters here in Newton, MA. Same should be the case for your hometown.

Use the Weather to Your Advantage

The weather has a huge impact on how your paint dries. We’ll recommend that you wait for dry weather because the paint dries faster in dry weather, making it a lot less painful to manage. But humid weather can cause your paint to dry slowly, giving you time to retouch and fix errors before you move on to the next coat.

Do A Thorough Inspection and Prep

Before you go to your local paint store, do your homework. Inspect your walls, figure out what nap do you want on your roller, if you have textured walls, go with a thicker nap. But don’t go too thick as that might leave its own texture on your walls. Paint doesn’t adhere well to glossy surfaces, get appropriate sanding equipment and primer.

Get High-Quality Painting Gear, Don’t Skimp

Don’t skimp on your painting gear. People try to save a few pennies in this department, like using simple masking tape and end up spending more in the long run. Get proper painter’s tape and quality rollers and brushes. Get small 3-inch rollers for tricky areas.

Prep the Area

You won’t ever regret sending time covering protecting your stuff from paint. Cover floor, doorknobs, furniture. It sure is a tiresome step but if you don’t want to spend the next few months scraping paint off of your floor and cleaning your furniture, then this has to be done. Hiring professional painters can save you a lot of trouble and quite possibly, money too, in the long run. There are some great professional painters in Newton MA. Looking up for professionals in your area is super easy. Simple googling can help you find a lot of local businesses and professionals.

Remove Light Switches and Electrical Sockets

Pretty self-explanatory, removing light switches will let you paint seamlessly and the result will be a lot smoother.

Boxing Paint

A technique used by professionals, you’re probably going to use more than one bucket of paint and sometimes the colour could be slightly different among different buckets. Boxing paint means mixing all the buckets together to get a more consistent shade of paint.

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