7 Creative Ways You Can Reuse and Recycle Plastic Bottles

Posted by Arabella Sanchez on October 30th, 2019

Plastic bottles are some of the most widely-produced products across the world, most especially that Providing safe and secure storage for water, this allows plastic bottles to be distributed across different locations like retail chains, groceries, and department stores. While plastic bottles, made from plastic injection molding in China, help provide a safe way to safely store water, plastic waste has become a big concern, as improper disposal of plastic products such as bottles has led to a number of environmental issues.

This has led to the push towards the reuse and recycling of plastic products in order to reduce the amount of waste produced around the world. Over time, the number of ways that you can recycle and reuse plastic bottles has increased, allowing you to turn it into different kinds of useful items. If you have some plastic bottles scattered around your home, here are a number of creative ways that you can reuse and recycle them.

Food Storage

Plastic bottles are not only great for storing liquids, but they can also be used to store different kinds of food, ingredients, and condiments. You can reuse your plastic bottles by turning them into DIY food storage, which makes getting your ingredients in the kitchen much easier. For example, you can create your own salt and pepper containers and place them on your table in case you need to add some flavor to your dish. Providing safe and secure storage for water, this allows plastic bottles to be distributed across different locations like retail chains, groceries, and department stores.

Stationery Case and Holder

Another handy storage idea, you can convert your plastic bottles into pencil cases and stationery holders. The tubular nature of plastic bottles makes it a great place to store items like pencils, ball pens, scissors, markers, and erasers. The best part is they are very portable, allowing you to keep it in your bag, and save more space on your desk. You can also add your own designs in your cases and holders as well, giving you the freedom to get creative with your designs and colors. If you are looking for an affordable and creative way to keep your stationery, reusing your plastic bottles is the best option. 

Bird Feeder

Birds are a very common sight outdoors, exploring different places like your home, school or office to find food and shelter. A great way to help these birds out is by creating your own bird feeder out of plastic bottles. All you would need is a bunch of plastic bottles, bird seeds, and a number of adhesives and stationery. Bird feeders will help keep these birds well fed as they explore and migrate to different places. 

Bottle Cap Art

Bottle caps are another part that you can recycle and make use of to create different items. One of the most creative methods is using these bottle caps to make some colorful and interesting mosaic art. This provides you with the freedom to create different kinds of art, allowing your imagination to run wild full of ideas. The best part is you can have it displayed indoors, or even be used as a large wall mural. Art can be expressed in many different ways, and using bottle caps is just another creative and innovative method that is worth a try. 

Plant Pot

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly way to reuse your plastic bottles that are made from plastic injection molding in China, turning it into a plant pot is a great option. Plastic bottles make for good plant pots, as they are very durable and long-lasting, and do not cause any harmful effects to the plant itself. 

All you need to do is to cut up your plastic bottles to the right size and add a few holes under for the water to travel in. After that, place some soil and fertilizer, and then plant a seed and watch it grow. The best part about this idea is you can make multiple plastic bottle plant pots and create your own mini-garden at home. 

Cellphone Holder

A handy and practical way that you can reuse your plastic bottles is by turning it into a little phone holder that keeps it in place while charging. You can shape it into a small pouch with a hole or handle that allows you to hang it on a wall or corner. This is a very effective idea, as you make sure your phone’s cables are not tangled up while charging or stationary. This also doubles as a gadget pouch that you can carry around as well, keeping your phone safe and secure. 

Coin Bank

If you are looking to save up and gather some loose change, one of the best places to store them is inside a coin bank made out of reused plastic bottles. Using plastic bottles as coin banks is very effective, as they have enough space for many coins, allowing you to save up a good amount once you try opening it up. You can also add some designs to your DIY coin bank too, keeping it creative and fun at the same time. 

Key Takeaway

Reusing and recycling plastic products not only help the environment, but it also allows you to get very creative. By trying these creative ideas, you would be able to make the most out of your used plastic bottles and make some handy items.

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