What are Wide Feet and How To Keep Your Feet Healthy

Posted by Christine Jana on October 30th, 2019

Women take great pleasure in shopping for shoes but all the excitement goes away once they get wide feet and they are denied wearing something like a nice pair of stiletto heels. Buying shoes for a wider than normal feet becomes annoying for women. This usually happens because most of the stores do not carry shoes for wide feet, and even if they do, there are usually very limited options in terms of style and variety.

The reason behind wide feet is nothing but our age. We know that our body parts grow as we get older but after we are done with our teen years, our body parts start growing on a different dimension. Most of them start getting wider. Moreover, women during pregnancy also experience an expansion in their feet due to the extra weight and water they carry. 

For instances such as pregnancy, you can get wide width women’s shoes available easily in the market. Apart from that, nothing can replace comfort and style and that’s why we have compiled a list of 5 ways to keep your feet healthy. 

Someone with a 9 to 5 job or you can also say most of the males, don’t care about feet. Or most of the males never take care of their feet. Unfortunately, these habits can further end up in chronic foot pain and other common foot problems including bunions, tendonitis, arthritis, etc. to limit mobility. But the following steps can keep your feet healthy and improve your mobility.  

A Healthy Weight

Being overweight can be really bad for your feet since you start putting greater force with each step. Not only it increases the chances of getting wider feet but also increases the risks of having feet problems like feet arthritis. It can also worsen the pain you may have from other foot issues. There’s no denying that being overweight is a problem that can lead to many other issues. It is also a reason for poor blood circulation in your body and keeps you at a higher risk of diabetes, both of which can lead to loss of sensation in feet or foot pain.

Wear good shoes

There is an always-expanding universe of shoe fashion out there. Women cannot resist trying anything new they like. However, if you can maintain a lifetime of sporting comfortable shoes, you are miles ahead of anyone else in terms of ensuring mobility. Stiletto heels or tight shoes now and then will not harm your feet that much but when you know that office will last for 8 to 9 hours and you are sporting a pair of clear perspex heels, you may have lasting damage to your feet. You should always pick a supportive, comfortable pair of shoes for different occasions. For instance if you want to invest in shoes for high-impact physical activities like running, aerobics, choose well-fitting athletic shoes rather than branded loafers. 

Moisturize Your Feet

One of the best ways to keep your feet from any damage is to protect it with a layer of moisture. Increasing age makes the skin of your feet drier and thinner, further resulting in callused feet that can crack, bleed, and cause pain. The best way to avoid this horrible scene is through a thick layer of moisturizing lotion. There are a number of lace up heels for women available in the market and to wear them you need soft skin. Thoroughly moisturize your feet after every shower or bath with a high-quality moisturizer but remember not to use too much in the spaces between the toes to prevent any infections. 

Practice Good Foot Hygiene

Every body part demands a good hygiene and so does our feet. Whenever you shower or bathe, thoroughly wash and dry your feet. Avoid ingrown nails by cutting toenails straight across. You can utilize a foot file or a pumice stone to remove calluses. In case you also like polishing your foot nails, keep the nails healthy by letting them “breathe” by keeping them clear for a couple of days or so after you remove the nail polish. 

Another way to make your feet relax is by stretching your feet. People usually never care about stretching their feet but you can avoid foot pain by stretching the tops and bottoms of your feet. 


Wide feet can look really bad on any shoe. So keeping your feet healthy is as important as keeping those stiletto heels without harm. Use the above-mentioned steps to keep your feet healthy and beautiful forever.

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