Places around the World to Visit to Observe Contemporary Art Gallery

Posted by ryan on October 30th, 2019

To know about the history of art and craft, you can choose to travel around the world. It is not possible to move around the whole world. So, you need to tour some of the most important sites to observe contemporary art gallery. As an art lover, you must visit the sites as described below. Visiting these places will help you to understand the history of art.

1. Paris

If you are an art lover, you should visit Paris once in your lifetime. This city is a beautiful place, featuring a lot of things that art lovers would find interesting. Even before stepping into the city, you shall know about its famous artistic marvel known as Eifel Tower. Artists from different parts of the world come to Paris. As a result, you shall notice various forms or styles of art here. In Paris, you should attend art exhibitions and movies screenings to know about different art styles. Visiting the city museum is essential, as you want to explore the history of art in this city. Not just the history of art in the city, visiting the museum will help you to understand entire Europe’s history of art.

2. Florence, Italy

Florence is a famous city in Italy. The city receives a lot of travelers throughout the year. It offers a romantic ambiance to travelers. But the city is also a perfect place for art lovers. During the time of renaissance in Europe, Florence had observed the birth of various remarkable artists. This city is an ideal place to explore the history of renaissance in Europe. To see the art and crafts during renaissance, you should pay a visit to the city museum and contemporary art gallery of the city.

3. Rome, Italy

Known as the capital city of Italy, Rome is famous for being an ancient city. It is still the hub of art and craft, as it was at the time of renaissance in Europe. Notable writers, poets, painters, and many other artists had taken birth in this city. Thus, the town carries immense importance when it comes to knowing art history.

4. Kyoto, Japan

It will be an injustice if this list does not include a city name from Asia. Kyoto is a Japanese city, which means the city of ten thousand shrines. In reality, there are around 1600 temples in this city. So, the city justifies its name by featuring all these temples. These temples are not just places for worshipping. They are hubs of art and culture. An art lover would love to visit these temples to explore ancient Asian arts and crafts.


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