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Andheri Escorts Talk about Their Most Luxurious Services

Posted by aisaescortsmumbai on October 30th, 2019

Hello, everyone, I am your favorite Aisa Kapoor independent escort girl in Mumbai. Here I am sharing my first experience when I am starting my escort service in Andheri I thought that you know men want sex and I was so wrong a lot of them like I would almost go as far to say most of them are saying yes for sex but really more for that companionship and that that intimacy in that connection.

 I've interviewed at this point fifty women I do ask them and if they do place a premium on girlfriend experience and they almost all say yes and I ask them why and they say it's well because I'm giving intimacy I'm giving more of myself away which is interesting because you're also allowing someone to penetrate you but for some reason that intimacy is price higher.

andheri escorts service by alisa

We may go on out dates and go to his favorite restaurant I have been out with clients shopping I've been to Andheri before it really is just a treat to both people because it feels like a romantic getaway with someone that's totally focused on you and nothing else here's some girls can fake it and be really good at it but at that moment when I'm with that client especially with that type of party everything I say into the rubbing and touching all of my feelings are into it a lot of Andheri escorts dating experience clients are much older men and elderly and it's such a compliment.

when at the end of the party they tell me you gave me the experience that my wife did when we were young I think that there is authenticity there it's just it's just in a strange space because it is paid intimacy and it's what expert in the researcher has called bounded authenticity because you have this form of authenticity but it's bounded by the constraints of time and money he's an artist every time he comes to see me.

escort girl in andheri

He brings me a couple of pieces I kind of collect them it's really special and I've known men that will call themselves brothel boyfriends and will find one woman and be exclusive and only pay her I mean of course she's not exclusive to him but he will only go and see her and pay her and now might go on for months it might go on for years and these guys do get really invested and sometimes when a favored girl of the house retires the guys take it really they take it to heart and they I've seen guys get depressed over it they're their Andheri escorts girl or their favorite girl is gone.

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