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Posted by PandaGeneral on October 30th, 2019

Spelling Games Help Children Learn to Spell Words Easily

Teaching kids to spell is usually troublesome because there are no definite rules in spelling. Children learning English at an early stage find it difficult to spell words by simply relying on pronunciation cues. Teaching children to spell is a challenge, sole mastery drills are a thing of the past because learning facilitators have devised new ways to make teaching more meaningful for kids.

The language development of children during the primary grades is crucial to the growth of their language facility. This is usually the stage when they learn many words and associate them with images. This is also a good stage when spelling should be taught in multiple strategies and varied techniques possible. Eclectic methods in teaching children are therefore imperative for their success with English words.

Spelling can be incorporated in the learning sphere through recreational activities to stimulate interest among children. Today's scheme of teaching involves creative planning of activities that would motivate learners to be interested. If they are interested, they tend to learn further. The goal is to make learning an intrinsically fueled process in children. But for motivation to be possible, kids should feel that learning isn't tedious and learning is fun.

The ideal way for fun learning is through the incorporation of games. And that is why we are discussing spelling games in this article. According to expert teachers, spelling is an aspect in which one of the fitting approaches is through games because this way they can enjoy their learning experience. When they have fun while learning, they tend to appreciate the whole experience. This increases motivation and willingness to learn. In other words, games increase appreciation levels in kids and in so doing enhance learning.

The old, traditional method of incorporating spelling in English classes included memorization of word roots, affixes, spelling rules, and word associations. These methods are still practiced today. In fact, it is important that children come to familiarize these aspects to gain more mastery in spelling. But unlike in the olden ways, these methods are now restructured and revised so as to meet the learning attitude of graders, which can easily get bored by old methods.

Spelling games are part of learning activities, providing a good break for routine classroom activities. Nonetheless, games shouldn't be done all the time and should only be part of a series of approaches to be devised. The nice thing about a spelling game is that it stimulates competition, which enhances the students' drive to learn more.

Games for spelling don't have to be new because many of these games are the old ones. Crosswords, word searches, and word scrambles are some of the traditional games that are still used today. Children today enjoy these games the way adults enjoyed them back then as kids. These traditional games can boost language skills. The materials for these games are commonly available as cheap items at school supplies shops. You can also improvise them and make your own creative game materials for your kids or pupils. Elementary graders can do their own cards and game materials during a group work supervised by the teacher. They can also work on game materials as their projects. This way they come up with personalized flashcards and spelling game materials.

Games for spelling like crosswords and word puzzles are available for different ages. While kindergarten children may do with one or two syllable simple words, older students can do with more complex words. These games involve collaborative and interactive learning.

Today, games for spelling can be played online. Internet games for spelling are already popular for students learning English. Such interactive games have also become important aspects of online English lessons and tutorials, which are available for different ages.

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