THE surroundings about WOW

Posted by Ambroise Pierre on October 30th, 2019

THE surroundings about WOW

In mid-August of this year, Blizzard Entertainment released the game most anticipated by players - World of Warcraft Classic (based on the 2004 World of Warcraft re-made game). As the name suggests, World of Warcraft Classic is the most original game that has been re-engineered and launched. It is not only a popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game, but also a classic of a generation of players. Technically, if you want to use a specific version of the classic, it should be the one that was more than a decade ago.

Since the first release of World of Warcraft, the lives of players have begun to change. For more than a decade, the time has passed, and every player is not the original child. In the past two decades and seven major upgrades, the number of users of Warcraft players has dropped from the peak of 12 million in 2010 to 3 million this year. This is the lowest level since 2005. Nowadays, there are more players who have ever played World of Warcraft than players in World of Warcraft. If you find the game too difficult, you can use WOW Classic Power Leveling to upgrade your level.

In the month before Blizzard released the classic version, World of Warcraft subscriptions soared to 200% (the subscription here is no longer the total number of players buying and downloading software, but the total number of players who can access all versions) . This should not be too surprising. Since the release of World of Warcraft in 2004, a "private server" network operated by loyal fans has been running older versions of the game, the largest of which is called rius, before Blizzard closed it in 2016. Has more than 150,000 players. Almost all Classic servers were full on the night of the release, and thousands of players lined up to try to log in. Even after a few days of game release, when Blizzard introduced additional servers, players in the game were still waiting in line for several hours to kill specific enemies. In World of Warcraft, there are more players waiting to play the game than players who actually play the game.

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Although the classic version of the game release process is very difficult, it seems to be very helpful for the revitalization of World of Warcraft. Although Classic's release may be a bit too hasty, it seems to be a rebirth of World of Warcraft. Players are eager to try, whether to revisit the game version of the young, or to reconnect with old friends, or even to try this game for the first time, in order to satisfy their curiosity. But now, a few months after the release, Classic began to look less like a fresh air, and more like the last breath of World of Warcraft.

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