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Motocross Helmets: The Perfect Companion to Your Dirt Bike | Stay Safe and Ride

Posted by nikhilsharma602 on October 30th, 2019

An upcoming off-roading trip with your pals on the mind? Adrenaline kicking in already? The mean machine tuned and ready? Gear all packed? What about the helmet? The specialised riding, after all, needs a special type of helmets motocross helmets.

What is a motocross helmet, you ask?

Among the stylish bike helmets, a motocross helmet is a full-face helmet designed for off-roading, also known as motocross.

According to topendsports.com, an encyclopaedia of sports, motocross is a motorcycle racing sport in which riders compete on specially designed off-road tracks using dirt bikes.

Ramps, twists and turns are added to make the event thrilling, and around 25 to 30 riders take part in this.

There are many motocross events across the world which have their loyal following.

Being a specialised sport, it requires extra-protective gear to ensure the riders feel safe and enjoy the ride. Among the protective equipment, a helmet is the most critical and must be built to suit the requirements of the rider. Hence the motocross helmets.

This type of helmet comes without a face shield and has an elongated visor and chin support to provide better ventilation, as motocross is a tough and exhausting activity.

motocross helmets

Salient Features of Motocross Helmets

  • Designed to provide optimal safety and comfort during the tough and strenuous rides.
  • Elongated visor for a better and broader view of the road.
  • The visor and goggles provide the same protective features as a full-face helmet.
  • Ideal for cross country rallies over tough terrains and for venturing on dirt trails.
  • The latest motocross helmets like SMK Helmets include a modular chin bar instead of the traditional round chin bar. This tweaked feature protects the face from flying debris and small stones.
  • The pronounced chin bar helps in improving the airflow inside the helmet, adding to the rider’s comfort by reducing the hot and stuffy feeling.
  • Lighter in weight as compared to a traditional full-face helmet.
  • Not meant for highway use as they are built with minimal soundproofing and therefore are not designed for high speeding.

The helmet industry has gone through a massive restructuring in the last few decades. Innovation and use of the latest technology are being used in manufacturing the helmets. Latest generation thermoplastic material is used to improve the safety to the rider.

Keeping innovation and quality at its helm, the premium range of motocross helmets from SMK Helmets Limited is among the stylish bike helmets available in the market. Stylish, while providing optimal safety.

The entire range of helmets provides the best and latest safety, comfort, convenience and style features.

Best-quality next-gen material, a wide choice in colours and graphics, and an aesthetic design are some of the winning features of these helmets.

They are also Bluetooth Ready and come with safety features like a quick-release chin strap, scratch-resistant visor, Pinlock anti-fog inserts, to name a few.

So, before you head out for that fabulous adventure, make sure to invest in a helmet that will make the ride more safe, comfortable and thrilling for you.

Invest wisely in your wellbeing and ride into the sun!

AUTHOR : Rohina Chawla

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