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Advantages and Post Treatment Care of Teeth Whitening

Posted by Lucypetterson on October 30th, 2019

People across all ages, despite any socio-economic diversity, desire bright white teeth. With an increase in age, the strength and color of the teeth generally deteriorate. Nowadays, having stained teeth is not uncommon among adults.

It could be attributed to improper dental care, smoking, heavy coffee drinking, chewing betel leaves or tobacco, alcohol consumption, improper brushing, continuous wear and tear over the years and much more. Some people may even develop infections and tartar on the tooth. Such discoloration makes your teeth turn from white to yellow or to darker shades of brown too.

Yellow or stained teeth may result in low self-confidence, dejection and inferiority complex. But thanks to the behemoth advancement in dental technology, any such discoloration can easily be tackled by a simple tooth whitening procedure. Teeth whitening is a boon for people who wish to get back their bright smiles. Trust me, a confident smile can do wonders for your personality.

The following are the reasons why you should consider Teeth Whitening South East London procedure to get rid of the yellowish tinge on your teeth-

1. Attractive appearance
Milky white set of teeth can add a lot of volume to your personality. It can do wonders to enhance your smile. It can completely alter your look and change the way people look at you!

2. Affordable and effective
Today the cost of Teeth Whitening South East London is very affordable and would not burn a hole in your pocket. And apart from being affordable, it is effective too. Teeth whitening procedure is a reality and not just a marketing gimmick.

3. No side effects
Teeth whitening procedure is very safe and has no harmful side effects. It can be done for people of all ages provided they do not have any allergy the materials used.

4. Remove deep stains
The stains on your teeth may make you feel awkward to smile wide in front of people. You can shed this fear by undergoing a teeth whitening procedure. With advanced teeth whitening South East Londonprocedures available today, removing deep stains is no more a complex procedure.

5. Boosts self-confidence
There are times when all you need is a good smile to make things work. Having a white, healthy and clean set of teeth can work wonders for one’s self-confidence. A bright set of teeth can brighten your day. After all, a flawless smile is the best accessory anyone can ever wear!

How to maintain teeth white after the treatment

• Use appropriate toothpaste: post your whitening procedure, you must seek recommendation from your dentist for a perfect toothpaste to maintain the PH balance in your mouth. Also, understand the recommended methods of the cleansing of the mouth. If your toothpaste is not the right one, the effectiveness of the whitening would deteriorate quickly.

• Avoid food which is considered to causes tooth stains. Foods like coffee, red wine, beetroot, etc. have the property that causes discoloration of the teeth. So, post your teeth whitening treatment it is adviced to moderate consumption of stain-intense foods and when consumed, follow up with a gargle to ensure the elimination of any food particle that might have stayed back in your mouth.

• Retouch: You must understand that tooth whitening is an on-going process. It would fade away with time. So, after a while, it is recommended you go in for a retouch.

However, there are certain methods experts suggest-

• Wear bright-colored lipstick. This enhances the appearance and overshadows the yellow tinge of the teeth.

• Chewing gum helps as it generates more saliva in the mouth. Saliva is the natural method that helps to keep your teeth white.

• Use a straw to drink fluids when possible. This way the fluids do not come in direct contact with the teeth, hence the chances of staining the tooth are lesser.

Your teeth require good care and regular dentist visits. A good care regime and appropriate precaution would help in maintain both your overall hygiene and teeth whitening.

When to reach out to an emergency dentist

Teeth whitening procedures are cosmetic in nature. Once you have decided to undergo it, you can plan, think and research on which dentist to choose. But some dental needs could also be an emergency like sudden tooth pain, chipped or broken tooth due to an accident.

In such cases, you would need an emergency dentist South East London. It is always advisable to keep in mind a good emergency dentist around you for any unforeseen contingencies. The Mindful dentist is one of the best Emergency Dentist South East London.

The Mindful Dentist

Are you searching for an emergency dentist South East London?

Or are you thinking about getting Teeth Whitening South East London done?

It is time to stop looking if you have found The Mindful Dentist. They are one of the most reputed, qualified, skilled, and knowledgeable dentists located at 73-75 Church Road, London SE19 2TA. The Mindful Dentist team of Kushel and Chetan Morjaria. They can provide the best possible dental care in the worst possible emergency situations. They even offer a wide range of usual dental procedures including teeth whitening. To schedule an appointment just call on 0208 771 7888 or email at

Visit at to get to know more!

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