How to get rid of embarrassment?

Posted by happyrealization on October 30th, 2019

People across the globe across every continent fear to lose their pride and getting humiliated- in public or even at their homes. Fear of embarrassment envelopes them heavily. This fear hinders the growth of the individual and stops them in acquiring the front stage on various platforms. This fear of getting humiliated deteriorates their potential and qualities.

How to get rid of embarrassment?

First of all, comprehending the fact that everybody feels embarrassed is the foremost thing. It is okay to feel embarrassed and like every phase, it will pass. To get rid of the fear of embarrassment and humiliation one could employ the mentioned techniques and follow them regularly.

Breathe: Breathing and staying in the moment helps to reduce the burden of embarrassment. As the embarrassment is linked to the past and understanding the fact that it has passed doesn't make you heavy or ashamed. You will also get relieved of all the anger and rage that you will be feeling upon yourself.

Getting the right attitude: A person, who is suffering embarrassment or had suffered in the past, should develop the right attitude. Whatever the world says, it is irrelevant. It is you and your perception that ultimately matters to you. Every person is a "Pretty Mess" in them.

Laugh about it: Laughing on your acts that cause embarrassment helps to reduce the shame it associates with it. If anyone even makes you feel embarrassed about it, it will feel more like a joke to you.

Conquer your fears: Once you start gaining an upper hand on your fears you will be handling embarrassment easily. It's just a phase of life in which you didn't live up to the standards set up by others. Even the experts in their respective fields are bound to make blunders. It is our human nature that is responsible for it. It is also important to comprehend our fears and the psychology behind it.

Talk about it: The more you will talk about it, lesser embarrassed you will be. Sharing the incident with others will make you feel light, and there is a good probability that others may share their incidents as well. This will help you realise that mistakes and incidents are just a part of life, making you feel better.

Accept who you are: Accepting yourself is a bigger step in the resolution of a mere problem of embarrassment. You have to believe you are a beautiful mess in your world and nobody ever could change this fact. A mere humiliation is never enough to bring you down.

It is important to understand that complaining or criticising is a very task while getting work done involves a lot of hard work, thousands of failure. Being embarrassed about it and not doing the task will hinder the growth and nothing fruitful will come from it. The people who wish to put you down will succeed in their efforts only if you feel embarrassed. The best thing is to rise, accept and move forward without giving importance to what flaw you made. You can only ensure that you would never commit that mistake again.


This fear of embarrassment if not curbed at the right time, can develop itself into a social anxiety disorder. The fear holds you back to perform on the stages which you should rightfully own.

The fear gallops the individual from inside and drenches them into a pool of shame. After all the proverb "dying in shame" justifies the burden it pushes upon the individual. 

Using the above techniques one can overcome the fear and develop themselves into a successful individual. Most of all, it is very quintessential to understand that perfection is ideal, never practical. Its always been better in striving to become the perfect version of yourself.

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