4 Features of Self-service Portals For Better Customer Service

Posted by CRMJetty on October 30th, 2019

Website owners use self-service portals widely. With them, you can provide better support services to your customers. It is a critical part for any company as customers might need it anytime when using your services/products. And with portals it becomes easier than ever to assist them on-time.

Let's see how self-service portals can make your customers' life much easier:

Thanks to technology, most of our operations are dependent on technology. Whether it is shopping, whether it is for clothes, furniture, medicines, food, or electronics, customers prefer online stores over going to an actual shop. This has made it all the more necessary to provide the support they need.

For instance, if you are a store owner of any fashion brand, your website has all the information about clothing items, discounts, new trends, available sizes, etc. And this store is global. Hence it might be difficult to provide support across time zones. You have to hire support staff that can work according to all time zones. This can end up being expensive. A portal, on the other hand can be accessible 24/7 365 days without much effort from the support staff.

Your self-service portal helps you to keep up with your customers' needs. They also help you provide them the support they require for any product. Additionally, it provides a knowledge base where you can share information they actually need.

Such type of features help you to serve your customers better, leading to better customer satisfaction and retention:

Secure Sign in:

Security is essential when it comes to your customers' data. Therefore, a twostep verification process limits hackers from getting access to accounts. If you use CMS based portals, they should not store any information.

Personalized Dashboard:

Users can get personalized dashboard and can know about their order summary, track orders, see their wish lists, etc.

Knowledge Bank:

This feature helps you to publish articles and FAQs. FAQs can mention the details of your product, which will help your customer understand your product in a better way. The purpose of this feature is to provide your customers with knowledge and clear their doubts regarding your product. While developing this feature you also need to make sure that your users can easily navigate your website and get exactly what they're looking for.

Communication management:

With such a portal, your support staff doesn't have to spend all of their time on calls and answering emails repeatedly. Knowledge base and the ticketing system of a portal can easily help customers effectively, and reduce the redundancy of their work, significantly.

Overall, this helps customer support team work more efficiently. Customers will be approaching your support team less because you will be providing them with the knowledge of your products. This, in-turn assures that they attend to lesser customers who cannot resolve their issues with the provided tools, and solve their issues patiently.

If you are looking for such a solution for your business, there are portals based on CRMs such as Salesforce self-service portal, Dynamics 365 portal, SugarCRM portal, etc. You can choose the portal on the basis of the CRM your company uses.

Self-service portals are truly the necessity for the current ecommerce market, and if you are looking for an enterprise solution, look no further than salesforce client portal to fulfil this need.

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