Importance of Music in Festival

Posted by shweta mshra on October 30th, 2019

Importance of Music in Festival.

Wearing some new clothes, feeling the vibe, having that feeling to spread that emotion all through your room, and, yes, you may need that music you love to do that. The role of music during a festival, brings the atmosphere up high in happiness, even when it is not, initially. Some festivals are just oriented to music. Those Music Festivals boost your outlook on the world. The power of music is dopamine in our brains. It has an incredibly unique feature that aids human experience and emotions. The south of India, the vogue of music and dance festivals, is well-organized and established without any refusal on every auspicious day. The festivals prolong to go on for five days.

If I may have a say, Music is a form of expression, and many would disagree to not agree with it. It sparks the nerves and loosens up the muscles to move freely as the heart wishes, towards the rhythm of the music.

Music is played at every type of celebration, which will include, weddings, during traditional worships to god, graduations, during sports to cheer up, birthday parties, etc. To even halt, instrumental music has been used to create attention and sign for a stop. Nostalgic, it does give me glimpses of my school days. Neither does the music stay stagnant, nor the hearts of the child that lives inside every one of us. Music was and will never stay still and shall always change and transform now and then. New artists come up and give us a new taste and pathway to let loose of ourselves.

People who have a creative insight, need an outlet that helps them create different types of music. It allows something to be shared and unites each one of us in the name of one love, one rhythm, music. Music can turn out to be very intimate and give out the mood of the cloud in the room wherever it is. Thus, it helps people who have struggled and still does, communicate their true heart's felt.

While the music is still on, the notes of it drive our mind to another place, thinking of a thing that it reminded us of. This tells us that, Music is good for our memory. With all due interest, we can remember a whole bunch of lyrics in a very inappropriate situation too. With the vast amount of different instruments, tuning in different notations, resulting in new music every time, we celebrate by nodding our heads and smiling. What more significance does it need to have to be at a festival? There is a high possibility for the colors to fly high and the smiles to be present all the time when the music is so good and people love it. To feel such great music right at home, in your room, and peel off the blues of the atmosphere, download music mp3.
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