How to use a manual miter saw?

Posted by lara linda on October 30th, 2019

In this demonstration, it is a radial saw Evolution equipped with a universal circular blade, able to cut wood and metal (steel tube, aluminum or copper).

Making adjustments

For a miter cut, loosen the locking handle

Raise the stop lever and orient the unit to the desired angle

Tighten the locking handle

For a straight cut, loosen the sliding side locking screw of the saw

Press the cutting head to raise it and pull the locking pin

For a sharp cut, lower the locking lever

Orient the saw and the sliding axis by the handles above the desired angle

Tighten the locking lever and put the clamps in place

Wedge and block the side support bars and then adjust their sliding stop

Adjust the depth of cut with the wing nut and tighten the stop screw

Put the collection bag or vacuum cleaner on the evacuation tip

Turn on the laser aiming switch

Using the radial saw

Lower the cutting head

Push in the locking pin

Wear gloves and goggles

Make the cut

A miter saw is cutting equipment needed by all DIYers. It allows for small DIY jobs such as frames, shelves, door frames, etc. It's an easy-to-use machine even for hobbyists. This article can teach you how to use a manual miter saw. Best miter saw 

Choose your material

It is possible to choose between two types of manual miter saws:

The saw with a miter box

It consists of a saw with a flat back, rectangular and stiffened back by a metal reinforcement. As well as a box tab that can be plastic, metal or wood. It is a U-shaped box with notches on the sides to insert and guide the blade. The slot arrangement allows precise cutting of cutting angles of 22.5 °, 90 °, and 45 °. It may especially be suitable for small section parts because of the limited cutting width. Especially baseboards, frames, corner sticks, quarter-rounds, joists, paneling, etc.

Saw with metal frame

It is a miter saw mounted on a frame with attachment to a mobile frame that is integral with a metal frame. It allows you to precisely adjust the angle between the saw and the workpiece and to make different angles. Some models are even able to make cuts inclined from 0 ° to 55 °. It creates angles on moldings, cornices and mid-section frames. Best miter saw reviews

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