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Posted by Harrysmarky on October 30th, 2019

Your relationship is incredible, sex with your partner is phenomenal and the chemistry between the two of you is undeniable. However, you feel like taking pleasure to another level with the help of a sex toy but you don't know how get pleasure from these cheap sex toys. Well, read the article below. Here are four tips for you to convince your partner to add sex toys to your relationship

Take the first step.

Talking about sex with your partner should be standard for both of you, so be the first to bring up the subject and tell about your interest in incorporating sex toys into your privacy. You can start with something simple that can be pleasant for both of you and tell him or her how much you want to try it together.

Use technology in your favor

If you feel nervous about raising the subject face to face, then look for an article or blog about sex toys. You can ask, “What do you think of this?” If you want to be more direct, you can send a catalog of sex toys for couples with the phrase: “Do you feel like using something spicy here for a weekend together?” Once you have given your partner time to reflect, get ready to talk about the topic.

Say yes to online purchases. Many you are afraid to buy the cheapest sex toys online in a store but it doesn’t take too much courage to buy them online. This also helps you to avoid notice when leaving a Sex Shop. So there is nothing more comfortable than making a purchase online.

Excite your partner with the idea. Take advantage of the moment when they are warming up and confess that you would like to try a sex toy at that time. Tell him or her specifically what toy you would use and how and when you would play so your partner can visualize the moment. Surely the next time the subject comes up your partner will be more open to trying a new experience.

Give a sex toy as gift on your special day such as your anniversary day. It will make him or her more excited about sex.

Did you like our tips? Don’t be afraid.  Dare to try a new experience with your partner. Break the taboos and myths and enjoy full sex life.

Most important

  • Sex toys are useful and beneficial. They can give you a lot of pleasure without much effort, lessen stress and increase your feelings of intimacy as a couple.
  • There is a wide range of toys for women. From online shops you can find variety of vibrators and other toys.
  • The choice of the perfect sex toy will depend on factors such as the type of toy, the material and whether there is an electrical function or not. You should also consider whether you will use it alone or with your partner.
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