How to Build a Good Team for Your Business

Posted by Zack H Halliwell on October 30th, 2019

Whether you’re starting a new business or working on growing a current business, to do so effectively in the modern world you will need a good team. And developing such a team can actually be a lot more difficult than you might expect. With that in mind, here are some of the best ways you can help grow your team to perform at its optimum level.

Set Clear Roles 

Having a team where everyone has a clear role is actually extremely important. As, without this structure, you could find people overlapping and resenting one another quite easily. Avoiding this can be as simple as making sure people have a clear job outline and a good structure in terms of team hierarchy. Make sure there is a clear chain of command, otherwise it may all fall apart. 

Choose Members Carefully 

Actually putting your team together in the first place also needs to be done with some care. A team that has bad chemistry or where one person feels left out can be disastrous, as even these small elements can cause a team to underperform or fall apart completely. 

When you’re either putting a team internally or hiring someone externally, consider what they will bring to the team, if they may find themselves antagonistic with anyone and whether or not they have the right skills to complement the other members. As personality and ability are very tied up in one another when it comes to a work team. Anyone with less skill who is seen as ‘underperforming’ or dragging the team down can quickly be resented. 

Don’t just shove people together without giving it any thought, as you may find problems from this lack of approach. 

Remove Dysfunctional Behaviour 

If any kind of dysfunctional or disruptive behaviour does become obvious, it is important to actively try and snuff this out as soon as possible. If there is an individual or a group of individuals who are clearly acting in a way which is not good for your team, then it is important to remove these elements from the team entirely. If the behaviour is minor, then it may be possible to give a warning - but, if it persists then drastic measures shouldn’t be shied away from. 


Communication is of vital importance when it comes to any workplace. But, especially in a close-knit team that is expected to work together quite closely on a regular/permanent basis. There are a number of ways that you can set up this effective communication for your team. Including good chat platforms like Slack and the like. 

However, you will also need to ensure that not only are people talking regularly, but they are actually communicating. There is a small, but important, difference. 

Set-up team building days that help your staff to all get to know each other and actively talk about a number of things. The more they speak, the better they become at communicating, especially in a work setting. 

Have a Goal 

Everyone in your team should have a clear goal in mind, no matter if it’s very small or very large. And then the team as a whole should also have collective goals. Whether it’s to perform x amount of commercial rent reviews, to exceed a monthly sales target, etc., the goal itself doesn’t really matter.

Goals help the working world keep turning, giving people something to work towards each and every day as they take part in the working world. Without goals you could find your business becomes much less functional and people simply work to work, rather than to actually complete something.

Finally, the true trick to creating an effective and well-performing team is to actually listen to people. The more you hear, the better you will be able to put together a team which is actively able to work together and, better yet, work together well. 

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