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A quick overview of on-page SEO

Posted by bryton on October 30th, 2019

What is on-page SEO?

This is a question that still remains to many beginner optimization enthusiasts. To make your life easier, here is the definition. On-page SEO is the continuous process of optimizing individual webpages & their content to increase the probability of ranking higher in search engines. Not only is it only relied on the optimization of the content but it also incorporates the improvement of back-end components such as site architecture & HTML tags. 

Short & Simple on-page SEO checklist

In the following section, I am outlining the most important factors that are thought to be important for ranking high in search engines.

Website structure & navigation - this important for both the visitors and page crawlers 

Short URL – Search Engines tend to prefer lean & short URLs to long ones.

Page loading speed – This factor can be classified both under the technical and on-page SEO; however, it still is one of the most important factors for ranking your website high. 

Sitemap – This aids search engines such as Google to crawl and find all the pages on your website. 

Duplicate content – If there exists duplicate content on your website, the algorithms cannot determine which page to display. Therefore, make sure you have made use of rel canonical tags. 

If you happen to use Content Management Systems, it would be wise to utilize plugins that can make the work for you. Here you can find a list of Wordpress SEO plugins that help with on-page SEO..

Digital Agency Bryton: Company overview

Bryton is a digital agency that offers Search Engine Optimization (on-page, technical, link-building) by implementing white-hat techniques. 

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