Bursting the myths related to an attendance management system

Posted by Cuckoo Tech on October 31st, 2019

It is high time we switch from traditional methods of capturing attendance and switch to more innovative and simpler ways. Leading this trend is the biometric attendance system.

So, what does a biometric attendance system do? Well, for the uninitiated, it helps to capture the time and attendance data of the employees by using their biometric details. The most commonly used biometric systems include a fingerprint scanner, iris scan and face recognition among others.

Next, let us briefly talk about how this biometric attendance system works. A database is first created with the biometric details of the employees and each employee is tagged against their employee id. This data can be typically stored and retrieved from both the system cache, the server or the cloud, based on the implementation. A biometric scanner is then placed at the entrance where the employee is expected to scan his finger, eyes or face. This data is matched with the data in the stored database to get a match and mark the attendance. This is as simple as it can get.

Now, let us talk about some myths related to the Biometric Attendance System which is hindering people from making the switch to the new ways.

1. High cost: But it is only one time while the long-term ROI is quite high.
Any new system or tool comes with an installation cost. The same is true for the biometric attendance system. Yes, it is true that the charges may seem high in the beginning, but that is nowhere close to the amount of time, energy and manpower it can save over a longer period.
With a biometric attendance system, the man effort required for payroll and time calculation is drastically reduced, any type of attendance and absence reports can be generated in a jiffy from anywhere through the data available in the cloud.

2. Micromanagement can demotivate people: It brings in transparency
A biometric attendance system brings in transparency in the system. There are no proxy attendances and no miscalculations or human errors in capturing attendance. This, in turn, would mean clarity in working hours expected and working hours spent in the office. It also motivates people to maintain the required hours and it also eliminates unnecessary questions related to time and attendance.

3. Lack of privacy: It promotes accountability
Some people may feel it reduces their privacy and they are being monitored. But, in reality, a biometric attendance system brings in more accountability. There is accountability to the number of hours you spent in the office doing work. This number is directly related to the pay which the employees receive. Shift scheduling and logging in from different locations become so simple and easy with a biometric attendance system. These benefits are reaped both by the employee and the organization.

4. Personal data security issues: Security Assured
Any doubts regarding the security of your personal data are irrelevant. Every company providing a biometric attendance system would sign a legal document assuring the privacy and security of personal data. If this is breached, the company can be taken to court too. So, these companies would make sure that your data is secure and does not reach any wrong hands.

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