Unlimited Satellite Internet Plans

Posted by Brian Coffey on October 31st, 2019

Satellite Internet Providers

Satellite internet, unlike DSL, is a cable-free internet service facility that uses a network of three dishes. If you want to connect to the internet for normal web usage, then go for satellite internet.

However, if you want an internet connection for hardcore gaming and video streaming, do not choose satellite internet as it is comparatively slower than the DSL.

Since the signals travel to and fro, the information is delayed. This is because the signals reach from the user to satellite, then to the operator’s hub and back to the same path. The advantage of satellite internet is it is potent to connect the rural areas to the internet.

The satellite internet providers are

1. Viasat

2. HughesNet

Viasat Satellite Internet Providers

Viasat is one of the leading satellite internet providers. Get Viasat and their plans emphasize the limitations of data with the word Unlimited. Plans are available from to 0 based on your requirements.

Plan Speed Data Cap
Unlimited Bronze 12 12 Mbps 40 GB
Unlimited Silver 25 25 Mbps 60 GB
Unlimited Gold 50 50 Mbps 100 GB
Unlimited Platinum 100 100 Mbps 150 GB

HughesNet Satellite Internet Providers

Data Cap Usage
10 GB For one or two users
20 GB For a small family
30 GB Multiple devices can connect
50 GB Blazin speed

To know more about the unlimited satellite internet plans, reach out to our customer support team @ +1-844-804-3050.

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