Trouble choosing the best laptop? Here lies your answer

Posted by esha jose9 on October 31st, 2019

Laptops are in high demand nowadays. It has various benefits as compared to the other options such as desktops. Laptop price differs as per various aspects such as specifications, screen etc.

Pick an Operating system

Laptops have to be selected as per the operating system. There are various options such as Mac, Windows or Google Chrome. The strengths and weakness also differs as per this.

Pick the right size

The screen size matters too. The screen of the laptop needs to be durable and the display should be travel friendly and should not break due to the pressure while travelling. The size of the screen matters as per the work you have to do. Small sized laptops are compact and travel friendly light to carry but will not be good for heavy work such as designing, gaming or even watching a movie or serial with the proper feel. Laptop price in India is different as per the size too and you can get many discounts during sale.

Touch screen laptop is the new craze.

For those that are tech savvy, touch screen laptop is the holy grail. It makes your work easy and stylish at the same time. The only thing is habit and it should be user friendly. Compact and touch screen is easy. With this the next generation thing is notebook laptops which are compact and one can opt for that too.


This is another important aspect to consider. The cost of upgrading to a better battery life is high so it is better if you opt for a good battery life at the start itself. No matter how great the specification you will not be able to use your laptop to the fullest unless the battery is of good quality.

Which mode to opt?

Another thing is the 2 in 1 fashion that has come in laptops. These hybrid devices are a mix of various forms in which you can use your laptop. It can be used in the clamshell mode, tablet mode or stand mode. This includes using your laptop as a slate as well. Some come with flexible laptops in which the hinges bend 360 degrees backwards.

When you buy laptops also pay attention to the keypad, its smoothness and durability. Other things to pay attention to is the graphics card, the central processing unit or the CPU, RAM, Storage device etc. Graphic card is for the gamers. You can get many offers for laptop online too.

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