A guide to the brilliant cut diamond

Posted by Luminus Diamond on October 31st, 2019

There are various types of diamonds that are available in the market. One of the popular types is the brilliant cut diamond. The way the diamond is cut is the hallmark of a brilliant cut. The facets on the diamond make this diamond shine brilliantly, which is the reason for its popularity. It was a Belgian gemologist named Marcel who devised the perfect cut diamond.
The perfect cut
After painstaking research, Marcel arrived at a design where the diamond would be cut in such a way that light would enter from the top and leave again from the top ensuring that the diamond shone in the most brilliant way. To achieve this, he cut the diamond to create 57 facets. The brilliant cut diamond thus has 57 facets with one table facet, eight bezel facets, eight star facets, and sixteen upper girdle facets.
Cushion cut
The brilliant cushion cut diamond is classic cut that shines brilliantly but is cut in the old style that resembles a cushion or a pillow.  There have been modifications in the original cushion cut. These have included features like enhancing the table, shrinking the culet, and making improvements in the angles to increase the sparkle. All these changes to the old cut have resulted in the brilliant cushion cut diamond.
Buying it
One of the best buy if you are looking to buy diamonds are the brilliant cut Luminus diamonds. These top quality diamonds are true value for money.
If you are planning to buy a brilliant cut diamond, then you can consider the following:
1)    Look for a diamond with a good cut so that the brilliance is visible.
2)    Decide the carat, which could be 1 carat or even 0.95 carat.
3)    Look at a diamond that is near colorless, it should be well-suited for your needs.
4)    The clarity of the brilliant cut Luminus diamonds determines imperfections. Observe in proper light before deciding the diamond you want to buy.
5)    Buying from a top brand is advisable. When you buy branded diamonds, you will get a GIA certificate authenticating the diamond.

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