How To Buy Male Chastity Cages Online?

Posted by Shally Warner on October 31st, 2019

Male sexuality is conventionally said to be the more aggressive and assertive of the two genders. However, there are some men who like being submissive and let their partner dominate them in bed. Surrendering your pleasure and submitting it to your partner is actually a popular kind in BDSM that is gaining popularity these days in mainstream media.

The male chastity belt or male chastity cage is basically a device that keeps the penis locked and inaccessible. You cannot get an erection or ejaculate when you’re wearing this belt. This delays the pleasure and helps in giving you a more intense orgasm. Penis cages are comfortable and quite safe if used in the right way. Here is everything you need to know about these sex toys and where to buy male chastity cages online;

What are Male Chastity Belts?

Male Chastity Belts or cages are worn around the shaft and head of the penis in a way that you cannot touch yourself. The cage is usually supported by a testicle ring or holder that is worn around the waist. Wearing the chastity belt increases the intensity of your orgasm by delaying it and keeping it out of your control.

Precautionary Measures to Follow

A quick search online would give you a list of the best sex toy online storewhere you can find male chastity belts of various shapes and sizes. Wearing a male chastity belt sounds like a good idea but there are certain precautionary measures that you should follow to prevent the risk of any mishap or injury.

  • Ensure that you keep the chastity belt in a way that doesn’t fit the penis too tightly
  • Use the belt only with a partner whom you trust completely for your physical and emotional well being
  • Ensure that the decision to use the chastity belt is consensual and you’re not being forced or pressurized into it
  • Always have a safe word and discuss the terms with your partner in detail before you begin to experiment with the penis cage

How Do Male Chastity Belts Work?

Male chastity belts are usually used for BDSM play or to fulfill a kink or roleplaying fantasy. Here, it is the male who plays the role of the submissive. When you’ve worn the belt around your penis, you have literally no control over your sexual pleasure. The product enhances the anticipation of the orgasm, heightens your every sense and makes you last longer. Note that erection when wearing the male chastity cage can get painful or uncomfortable so do it only under proper supervision or after thorough research.

Delayed or late orgasms can ultimately cause pleasure to both the partners. For men, a delayed ejaculation releases high amounts of dopamine that makes you happier and more excited. On the other end, the levels of prolactin decrease significantly, the hormone which is responsible for relaxing the body. This means that you will perpetually be in a state of excitement and anticipation. 


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