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Posted by alinabeths on October 31st, 2019

For more than 50 years we at Hovair Systems have been manufactured material handling equipment. This ensures we have a firm seize on moving heavy objects. Our products provide a wide range of resourcefulness. We offer best quality air bearing at an inexpensive price.

Air bearing also known as aerostatic or aerodynamic bearing is bearing that uses a thin film of pressurized gas to give a low friction load-bearing interface between surfaces. The two surfaces do not touch, thus avoiding the traditional bearing-related problems of friction, wear, particulates, and lubricant handling, and offer distinct advantages in precision positioning, such as lacking backlash and static friction, as well as in high-speed applications.

As with common bearing, air bearing detains the virtual movement of a preferred object to one or more machetes.  Almost every predictable bearing has an equivalent air bearing form.  For the instant, we will check a fundamental linear bearing with cross rollers making contact within a v-groove.  The lower blue rail is set while the upper rail is acceptable to move left and right as it makes get in touch with the rotate rollers.

Know how to use air bearings

In a video on our website our client you can see the entire process of setting up air bearings’ air handling system. As you can see, in just a matter of minutes an expensive piece of machinery can be made mobile. The bearings fit beneath the profile of a heavy load similar to how tires go beneath a car. In this case the machine is so heavy even wheeled casters would not be enough to support its weight.

Once an air hose is connected to the bearings, it will feed a supply of compressed air. The air will flow out of the bearings, and generate lift against the floor. When they lift from the ground, bearings reduce the effective weight of a mass by 99.5%.

Plus, Hovair Systems air motorized load moving products make the perfect rigging equipment when the going gets tough. Whether you are moving heavy machinery or awkward size and shape loads or even theater equipment, these air powered tools provide the ideal rigging equipment for the job in hand.

As we know load moving tasks can be unsafe, especially if you're moving heavy loads.  With the help of our heavy machine moving equipment your problem can be solved easily.

Contact us today to discuss your load moving requirements.

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