Kid-Friendly Features to Look for When House Shopping

Posted by mary drexler on October 31st, 2019

There is nothing more fun than hanging out with the family on the beach especially when it is your home’s backyard but before jumping into a sale, you need to take a look at a few things to make sure this will be the right purchase. Beach homes have high property values because of their location but being directly on the water means that adequate safety must be considered. If your kids are younger, it’s a good idea to see how far back the house sits, if there any gates that can act as a barrier or if you can set up your own safety system to control access to the water.

Space is another consideration with children and the Corona del Mar homes for sale have a wide range of options to choose from so that small and large families can find what they need. Some families want a bedroom for each child but the bigger concern is the number of bathrooms. This is especially true for teenagers who spend a great deal of time in that room getting ready for school and social events. A home that has too few bathrooms will be filled with frustration and schedule conflicts. Look for a home with an extra room that can be turned into a game or play area and keep all ‘toys’ in a central location where kids and their friends can hang out.

Another feature to keep in mind apart from the house itself has to do with the community. The majority of kids are social and want to be able to make friends and develop relationships for school, summer fun or just hanging out at events. It’s important to look at the community and amenities around the home’s area to determine if they have activities within the age range of your kids, how often do things take place and are there ways to get connected. Newport Coast homes for sale typically move fast on the market because this area’s reputation is well-known and filled with things to do for individuals of all ages and walks of life. It is a safe place to raise a family and holds events all year long for kids and adults to enjoy each other and get to know the neighbors. The home itself can also be a social focal point with the perfect location on the beach to host a large party and have plenty of room for everyone to mingle on the beach, play in the water and hold a bonfire to make a sweet snack.

As kids get older the needs change so shopping for the right home is about meeting the current expectations but also looking to the future so the home can still fit the family requirements. Go online and check out the MLS listings for these two prime areas on the California coast and work with a professional realtor who can assist with the search and find exactly what you are looking for in a family home. Need a vacation getaway? This is the perfect place with the sandy beaches and sun all year round to have a home that will be your paradise away from the world.

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