Railway Shock Absorbers Market to Witness Heightened Revenue Growth During the F

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Railway Shock Absorbers Market: Introduction

Shock Absorbers are crucial components for all freight cars, locomotives, and wagons. The railway shock absorbers enables the train to run with safety and in comfortable manner, providing the smooth and comfortable travel as we experience today. Railway shock absorbers are part of the primary suspension system in bogies. The shock absorbers are implemented for sustaining the weight of the train, making the movement almost slide, with abrasion and friction. In the recent times, the improvement in train suspension system is needed to compellingly reduce extraneous vibrations and increase stability and ride comfort. Railway cars suspension system is categorized as primary and secondary suspensions. The primary suspension system comprises of axle-box dampers located between wheel sets and bogie frame, while secondary suspension is fitted between bogie and vehicle body to support the vehicle body for mitigation of vertical motion. The work life of bogie hardware racks gets increased by reduction of wear owing to reduced vibrations by using railway shock absorbers. 

Railway Shock Absorbers Market: Dynamics

To muster the needs of transport infrastructure and urbanization, advanced transportation systems are being developed across the world. This has instilled the use of high speed railways. However the high speed railway cars can cause substantial vibrations, which can reduce ride quality and cause adverse stability. Furthermore, technological advancements in railways for enhancement of power and speed such as high speed train require effective railway shock absorbers to avail vibration reaction and efficient suspension even at high speed and high load conditions. It is expected to drive the growth in the innovation in railway shock absorbers market. The government authorities of various countries are pivoting on strengthening their networks by investment for expansion of railway network across their respective countries in order to meet transportation demand. This will impact the railway shock absorbers market positively over the forecast timeline.

Ongoing research & development for enhancement of design, arrangement and mechanism of railway shock absorbers are driving the growth and innovations in the market. Along with passenger oriented railways, railway shock absorbers also find application in freight based rail locomotives. These locomotives are subject to mechanical stress due to heavy loads hence require periodic installation of railway shock absorbers.

In the railway shock absorbers market, OEM account for larger market share referring to the implementation in primary suspension system in all railway cars. Attributing to this the railway shock absorbers market is expected to witness healthy growth. Moreover, government initiatives for partnerships with local manufacturers for increasing efficiency in production process, reducing lead time and saving transportation cost are the main driving factors for the growth of railway shock absorbers market. Whereas, there are some factors curtailing the growth rate in global railway shock absorbers market such as high installation cost and presence of counterfeit products from China-based manufacturers. However, the current trend for deployment of better technology for improvement in results will contribute towards the growth of global railway absorbers market over the forecast period. 

Railway Shock Absorbers Market: Segmentation

The global railway shock absorbers market is segmented on basis of product type, application and train type.

On the basis of product type, the global railway shock absorber market is segmented as:

  • Vertical shock absorber
  • Lateral shock absorber
  • Yaw shock absorber

On the basis of application, the global railway shock absorber market is segmented as:

  • Primary absorbers
  • Secondary absorbers

On the basis of train type, the global railway shock absorber market is segmented as:

  • Main Line train
  • Mono train
  • Metro train
  • Freight train
  • High speed train
  • Others

Railway Shock Absorbers Market: Regional Outlook

In the transportation industry has developed over the recent decade and this trend is expected to continue through the forecast timeline directing to the growth of railway shock absorbers market. In the emerging economies with increasing industrialization the development of railway network have also increased and hence expected to generate high demand for railway shock absorbers in the forthcoming period. In terms of market share Western Europe and North America are expected to dominate the railway shock absorbers market. Furthermore, the introduction of new projects in these regions is expected to surge the railway shock absorbers market in coming years. Asia pacific region is projected to witness significant growth in the railway shock absorbers market, referring to the presence of emerging economies such as China, India and South Korea. Middle East & Africa is estimated to account for relatively smaller share in the global railway shock absorbers market.

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Railway Shock Absorbers Market: Key players

  • ITT Inc. ( Koni)
  • Suomen Vaimennin
  • ACE Controls Inc
  • mageba USA LLC
  • Oleo International
  • Dellner Components
  • Siemens AG
  • Vibratech TVD
  • Suomen Vaimennin Oy
  • AL-KO Record S.A.
  • Knorr-Bremse AG
  • Seemonthon Industry Co.,Ltd 

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