Creative Fashion with Sculpey Clay

Posted by michellumb55 on October 31st, 2019

Creating art with super sculpey clay can become our new way of enjoying your free time if you are interested. It is entertaining and rewarding because it is a productive way to spend your free time. Sculpey clay can be a hobby for anyone including adults. Some of the crafts created form sculpey clay include jewelry, beads, canes, faux finishes and elegant vases among others.

Sculpey clay is not actually clay; it is polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which is combined with a plasticizer. The plasticizer is what results to color production and the elasticity. PVC particles sculpeyize when sculpey clay is baked under temperatures between 215 to 275oF. It acquired the name sculpey clay because it can be used to mold like clay and the ability to sculpeyize when baked.

It is convenient for creating arty pieces because it is easy to mold and cheaply acquired. It is a starting material, for making and selling jewelry. Anyone who wants to create jewelry for commercial purposes can use sculpey satin glaze clay. As long as you keep being creative, making art pieces using sculpey clay can turn out to be a very rewarding business opportunity.

The most popular jewelry made are of super sculpey chile clay necklaces. The other most popular pieces made include pots and canes. When you start the craft, you can choose to begin by creating only one thing, like the necklaces and as you get used to it, you can start making many other things. You can make pieces that are scarce in the market. You can expand your horizons and move out of your comfort zone to create other things apart from necklaces. You can make watches, earrings and bracelets to add to your collection and others to sell in the market. You can read fashion magazine to see what is tending as far as jewelry is concerned and create those authentic pieces using sculpey clay.

Creating good art pieces can be tiring and time consuming but it is also profitable if you decide to start selling them so work with that in mind. You can advertise by simply wearing pieces that you have created to attract customers and answer questions. It is a good strategy to attract and expand your market because now you will get orders for specific pieces. Volunteer information about your designs if people ask you or complement the pieces you are wearing. Apart from using yourself, you can ask your friends and family members to act as your models. You can sell them the pieces at a low price, as they will be helping you attract more people. They can help you sell them too. You can take your pieces to art galleries, boutiques and similar shops where a commission will be charged but you products will receive a lot of exposure and that is priceless.

In addition to the above strategies, create a website for your line of jewelry to boost your exposure as well as sales. A website will enable you to hear out what your market has to say about your products and what they need added. You may also create online payment and shipment facilities for those people who may not be able to get to you.

The good thing about creating crafts with masilla sculpey clay is that you get the satisfaction of engaging in an interesting hobby and a gateway to a profitable business. You can join art classes and participate in exhibits and shows to polish you skill further.

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