6 Things to Do During Your Saturn Return

Posted by Basant K on October 31st, 2019

On leap years, your life might become a living hell on Earth. It is during this time, the Saturn makes a full trip around your Zodiac and enters your life to create a mess. It happens near the ages of 27, 57 and 87. And we assure you, it is not a good phenomenon.

Saturn governs the law, time and structure of Capricorn. It is responsible for the upheaval in your life in the worst possible ways.

So when Saturn returns, it is dangerously wonderful. Your life turns upside down but you learn your lessons as well. Expert Vedic Astrology calls the return of Saturn as a deeply enriching experience for one’s karma.

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Saturn doesn't forget your efforts. Do the following things and Saturn won't forget your works.

1) Take Stock of Your Life

Take a deep breath and reflect on your life. Where are you? Are you where you want to be? Are you with the people you want to be? Are you doing something you like to do? Reflect on your actions and thoughts. Saturn challenges you to think. Reflect and you can find your way out of every dilemma.

2) Ask for Help

Do not isolate yourself from society. Saturn will want you to be separate and you'll be doing this unknowingly. You will be ashamed to take help. This will never work. You can approach for help from any relaxation unit. Treat yourself with a spa or massage. Relax. However, the best option would be the live astrology consultation.

3) Don’t Skip Your Checkup

Saturn hits your psychological and physical health at the same time. You would have an unfathomable melancholy that will never allow you to function properly. But do not ignore your health. Most of your life will be in a gigantic storm but you cannot let it get to you in the worst way. You must fight it at all costs by taking care of each asset you own and admire.

4) Celebrate Yourself

Celebrate the art and festival of living. Life is beautiful. You must celebrate your being when the Saturn intrudes in your life. You know that you're doomed at the present, but learning to embrace life is the best way of dealing with Saturn. During this period, your life experiences a rough phase. Treat yourself and love yourself. You can stand face up with Saturn.

5) Stay Open To Complete and Total Change

When your Saturn sets in, you tend to respond towards life changes. Your entire demeanor changes. The general attitude with which you dealt with people around you too undergoes a metamorphosis. But you must learn to be open to these changes. When Saturn moves out, you realize what a different person you have become. You look back and wonder at the quality of your life and believe that you've reached a state of complete realization. This will open up your life opportunities for the future.

6) Use Intention Jewelry to Manifest What You Want

When Saturn returns to your Zodiac cycle, you can perform the following ritual to bring Saturn in control rather than Saturn controlling your life.


  • A piece of jewelry or a small crystal
  • An orange-colored candle
  • A notebook
  • A pen or pencil


Find out a calm and secluded place for yourself. Place your intention jewelry or crystal beside your orange candle.

Cross your feet and sit in the meditative posture. Shut your eyes and place the left hand over the heart and the right one over your stomach. Take three deep breaths and chant: Please grant me the clarity to live my highest purpose.

Open your eyes and light the candle. For ten minutes, write about your aspirations in the notebook and the name of the people you love. Think of the best things that have happened to you in the last three months and at least one thing you are grateful for.

Close the notebook and clasp your intention jewelry in your hand tightly. Face the candle, close your eyes, and say the following out loud: I am unique. I am powerful. I have the strength to live my highest purpose.

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