How Web Personalization Improves Targeted Audiences

Posted by thenewsgiraffe on October 31st, 2019

What is Digital Persona?

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A persona is a fictional character created as a proxy for a target audience. These audience archetypes commonly include illustrative pictures and fictional names that make them tangible to digital designers and marketers. Personas identify similar patterns of behavior that result in widely held goals.

Personas derived from a combination of five research modalities:






But what if a persona does not match any group created by these five modalities?

Website personalization systems can look in-depth at a persona that incorporates more than just these five traits. That allows much more customization in advertising than ever before, which ultimately leads to a higher conversion rate.

Today, consumers have ad blindness. If your message focused on common target points such as age, demographics, or interests - it is not good enough anymore.

If you want your audience to connect with your message, you need to get to know them on a deeper level. You want to speak their jargon, understand what makes them tick, and only then, you can craft a personal message that passes through the ad blindness filter and can produce engagement.

A shift from putting people into groups, to a more exclusive, one on one approach is happening with web personalization. Does this mean persona marketing is obsolete? The short answer is no, but the very nature of the practice must change and evolve to be as powerful as it once was.

Changing the way personas are created and revolutionizing how the real person behind the persona seen is what brings persona marketing into the next evolution of online business. By fundamentally changing how personas created, companies are better able to target, experiment, and define their approach to presenting a message to users.

In the end, the simple changes personalization brings to the table truly reinvent the wheel in a way that allows for exponential profit growth for the companies involved. At the forefront of change, the paradigm shift brings with it the ability for companies to reach and engage audiences like never before, leading to a whole new level of success for owners and site operators across the web.

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