Pu-erh spring summer or autumn tea picking time

Posted by naturalpuerh on November 1st, 2019

We have our own pu-erh and black tea garden in the famous tea producing area in Puer City, Yunnan.Our tea garden associated with blue sky and white clouds, neighboring with forest and grass, thriving quietly in the mountains beside the Lancang river.No air pollution, no pollution of water source, no pollution of soil, no pollution of processing technology.

Let us talk about when and how the picking time of Pu-erh tea spring tea, summer tea and autumn tea.

Pu-erh Spring Tea:

The spring tea picking time is from mid-April to early May, after a long winter growth, many nutrients are stored inside; the sun is weak in winter and spring, and the tea tree grows slowly, which is the formation of certain aroma substances in tea. The main factor. However, the main growth part of the tea tree is at the root, and the synthesis of amino acids is synthesized at the root of the tea tree and then transported to the top. After a winter of cultivation, the content of spring tea contains the most abundant, with the advantages of lustrous oil, rich aroma, strong taste and sweetness, and soft and thick leaf bottom. There are also general spring teas that are relatively strong and heavy, with a lot of hair, fine veins and no obvious saw tooth edges. This is a very different point of spring tea and summer.

After lurking for a winter, the first spring tea, the tea before QinMing festival, is the best quality, the aroma is rich, the internal quality is rich, the tea soup has a heavy feeling, the taste is calm and restrained, and it has a very collectible value.

Pu-erh Tea Summer Tea:

The summer picking time is: from early August to late August. However, summer is the hottest season of the year. It is also the season of summer tea picking. Due to the abundant soil composition, the new shoots of tea trees grow rapidly. There is a saying that "tea is growing up to one night in the summer", but it is easy to age. Therefore, when picking summer tea, it is generally preferred to pick tea before 10 am or after 5 pm. Because the tea grows too fast and the nutrient intake is insufficient, the summer tea is a bit illusory and the endogenous content is reduced. For example, “the content of amino acids and vitamins in the tea is significantly reduced, making the anthocyanins in summer tea, The content of caffeine and tea polyphenols increased significantly, which made the taste look bitter."Summer tea tastes weak, due to a long night, the roots are not strong enough, and the nutrients absorbed from the soil are not enough, resulting in the thinness of summer tea soup, obvious bitterness, especially the astringency is not easy. Generally, summer tea is used by manufacturers with large output. In the blending, about 99% of summer tea is used as raw material for cooked pu-erh.

Pu-erh Autumn Tea:

The general picking time of autumn tea is: from late September to early October, because the autumn climate is between spring and summer, which leads to the quality of Pu-erh autumn tea is second only to Pu-erh spring tea and higher than Pu-erh summer tea. In the autumn, although the climate is mild, the rainfall is often insufficient. The original tea tree has been harvested by spring tea and summer tea, and the nutrients in the body are deficient, which makes the picked tea appear more old. Therefore, the content of autumn tea is not enough, which leads to the autumn tea leaves being thinner than the spring tea, especially the thickness of the leaves is obviously reduced, the taste of the soup is weak, the taste is weak, and even the bitterness is weak, and there is a feeling of lightness like water.

In fact, autumn tea also has different characteristics than spring tea and summer tea. Autumn tea has the most attractive high fragrance, high aroma, and a kind of imposing manner, coupled with its bitterness, it is also a taste. The joy of harvest is gone.

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