Why is the upgrade of Classic WoW more interesting?

Posted by Ambroise Pierre on November 1st, 2019

Why is the upgrade of Classic WoW more interesting?

Although Classic WoW is slower to upgrade than Retail WoW, it seems to me to be more interesting. There is a contradiction between the core of Classic WoW and Retail WoW. It is necessary to solve this contradiction. According to every objective standard and detail, the retail version should be more interesting, faster upgrades, less difficult, more useful talents, and easier tasks. These are the advantages of Retail WoW. To be frank, some tasks are very interesting, thanks to the use of phased content (phased refers to the ability to change the world to find players in specific parts of the quest chain; Classic WoW lacks this feature at all).

But one of the consequences of this complete lack of phased results is that the game is very boring. Killing is so fast, even trying to help others is meaningless. When I found them, they had eliminated all the goals. Upgrading in a group will still be faster. But apart from targeting the same type of mob, there is no real need for cooperation. When I am teaming up with others, I assume that any role will contribute to the team - treatment, if I am the only healer, it can be cured; if not, you can use DPS.

Too much difficulty in reducing and simplifying the content of the game means that many NPC trainers are now useless in Retail WoW. Although they still exist in the game, they still can't teach you anything, even if the skills are free. Classic WoW requires you to carefully manage your WOW Classic Gold, weighing the benefits of purchasing items and the cost of upgrading your future skills. But this is not required for Retail WoW.

Why does Blizzard make the upgrade quick and easy in this way? A full discussion of all the reasons will be revealed in subsequent articles. Some of the reasons Blizzard made changes until later in Classic WoW! We will see them in future comparisons. Click https://www.zzwow.com/ to buy Warcraft Gold now to enjoy the price concessions, a variety of trading methods for you to choose.

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