10 Ideas to Organize a Youth Birthday Party

Posted by karthik on November 1st, 2019

Years are only met once every 365 days, so this event deserves a great celebration. From Cronoshare we have compiled the 10 best ideas to organize a birthday party for young people .

birthday party for young people

Read on if you want to know the most original ideas to celebrate a birthday party for young people.

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  • Choose the best date
    If you want your birthday party to be a success, it has to be celebrated on an appropriate date.

For example, it is convenient to try not to place it on bridges, since many people will have trips scheduled for those dates. Nor on holidays like Christmas or Easter, where guests can also have family obligations or planned vacations.

Therefore, it is best to schedule the birthday for a weekend that does not match bridges or holidays. Saturday is usually the perfect day, as some guests may work late Friday.

Design an attractive invitation

To attract attention to your birthday party there is nothing better than sending personalized invitations.

If you are good at drawing or design, do not hesitate to design creative and attractive invitations decorated with birthday motifs. If creativity is not your thing, do not worry; You can always find pre-designed models on the Internet quite original.

Remember that the invitation must include your name, the address of the place where the party will be held, the time and any other details that need to be confirmed.

Search for the best place

Choose a modern and spacious place to celebrate the birthday. The goal is that there is no problem to accommodate the number of people you are going to invite.

It can be a house or a rented premises. The problem with the first option is that it is possible that the property is not soundproofed enough. This can cause problems with neighbors, who may complain about the noise that may be generated.

For this reason it is advisable to rent a private place to celebrate the party. This will be better prepared both for the influx of guests and for the noise that will occur. If you are looking for a suitable place to celebrate a birthday, you just have to ask for a quote .

Prices are usually marked according to the hours you want the party to last or the number of people. A great advantage is that these prices usually include services such as decoration, DJ, bartender or catering.

Choose the guests

You have to decide who will be the guests of your party and, above all, how many will be. You can opt for an intimate party or, conversely, a big celebration with dozens of people. This step is important, since the rest of the factors will depend largely on it (local, amount of food and drink ...).

If the party you are preparing is surprise, find out about friends and acquaintances of the birthday boy first. This will ensure you do not cause any inconvenience or unforeseen inviting any unwanted person.

Prepare the decoration
How are you going to decorate the party? You can choose a generic decoration or opt for a specific theme. If you prefer the idea of ​​theme parties and choose this option, remember to let your guests know, at the invitation itself, that they have to come dressed or dressed according to this theme.

The choice of themes can be very wide: other times (20s, 80s ...), horror, movies, story characters, the Far West ...

Whatever the party, there are some decorative elements that are basic on a birthday: balloons, candles, plates and cutlery, napkins, banderillas and garlands ... In addition, they are quite cheap.

If we add the tablecloths, you have to add around € 5 per tablecloth. In addition, you can include some unexpected surprise, such as a piñata, which can cost you between € 5 and € 20.

In total, pulling up, a good decoration for a theme party can cost you around € 110 . But in this, as in everything, you set the limit and you just have to spend what you want or think is convenient.

teen birthday party

Install a photocall
There is nothing more memorable at a party than the photos you take in it. So, every time you see them you can remember those moments with your loved ones.

The funniest option is to mount a photocall at the party, that is, a place to take fun photos with all your friends. You can decorate it as you want, adding birthday motifs, the date and the name of the birthday boy. You can also bring funny accessories such as hats, glasses, posters ...

But who will take all the photographs? If you want everyone to enjoy the party to the fullest, it is best to hire a photographer. This will be dedicated to capture all the images in a professional way, so that neither you nor anyone else has to worry about being aware of the camera. In Cronoshare you can find budgets for cheap photographers .

Flowing food

On birthdays people expect to find a snack during the party. Try to offer the best food to your guests. Being a party aimed at young people, it is best to opt for the safe: pizzas, hamburgers, tacos and nachos, montaditos ... Surely with these options you do not fail. Remember to also include a vegetarian or vegan option.

If you have invited a large number of people to the party and do not want to spend a whole day cooking, hire a catering and bet on the most comfortable and safe. Ask us for a quote and explain what you need, and the best catering companies in your area will contact you.

In fact, catering is another facet of a party in which you put the cap on the price. You can find services from € 6 to € 16 per person for a birthday, but if you want something more sophisticated you can have menus of up to € 60.

The drink is also important
A party without food is incomplete, but without drink it is much more. Make your party full of drinks of all kinds. If all your guests are of legal age you can include drinks that are alcoholic (beers, spirits ...) and also non-alcoholic (soft drinks, tonics, water ...).

If you want your party to be as original as possible, hire a bartender. You can devise with this the best combined and adapt them to the theme of your party (if you have chosen any). Guests will love themed drinks and have a person serve their favorite combinations. And its price is usually between € 10 / h and € 20 / h . Find your bartender with Cronoshare.

Do not stop the Music!
Music is also an essential factor for the perfect party. If you are the person in charge of music on the birthday, create a playlist with music for all tastes, and especially danceable.

Don't you want to spend all night watching the music? It is completely understandable. To solve it, do not hesitate to hire a DJ. This will be responsible for entertaining the party with the best songs, and will attend all your requests and those of your guests. Request a quote to have the best music on your birthday!

And if you think that hiring a DJ is too expensive, we must tell you that it is not so much. In fact, you can find DJs from € 100 or € 200 , although it is true that certain artists can charge € 2,500.

Brighten up the party with games

It is often said that the more sugar, the sweeter. And this can also apply to birthday parties. You can have dancing, food, drink, music ... But if you add to all this some other game, success is guaranteed.

Surely you know thousands of games for parties. We recommend two that you probably already know: the killer's wink and guess who I am.

The first is to sit in a circle with the participants looking at each other. A player will get in the center and wink at another player. He must try to run to him and the companions next to him have to try to stop him. If you finally reach the center you will receive a gift and become the player who winks.

In the second game the players will write on a paper the name of a known character and will stick it to the back or forehead of a partner. Each player has to guess who has touched him by asking yes and no questions. Laughter is assured!

Offer a souvenir to the guests

So that the guests leave with a big smile from your party, give them a souvenir. Any detail is enough: a photo, a postcard, a sheet, a bracelet ... So, every time you look at it you will remember the great time you spent on your birthday. And they will not hesitate to return to the next one you organize!

Following all these steps you can celebrate an unforgettable birthday party, which will last forever in the memory of all your guests.

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